Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2019

Monday 2 September | NAB The Hall, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands


The work of advocacy organisations is increasingly being consumed by issues related to national systems such as the NDIS and Centrelink. The introduction of the National Safeguards Commission further adds to the nationalising of advocacy issues arising for people with disability right across Australia.

This national focus means that this year’s conference is extending beyond state borders. To this end, Disability Advocacy Network Australia has been invited to host this year’s advocacy flagship event in partnership with DARU.

While advocacy organisations are collapsing at the knees with the weight of the increased workload, common questions are being raised such as:

  • Shouldn’t the new systems make it easier for people with disability to get the support they need?
  • Why aren’t human rights translating to entitlement within individual support planning  framework?
  • How has disempowerment become the most consistent outcome for people with disability interacting with the NDIS?

This conference will bring together…


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