Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2012
Disability advocacy and the legal system: You be the judge!

Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 March 2012 @ Melbourne Park Function Centre

Matthew Potocnik

Photo of Matthew Potocnik, Advocate


Matthew has been campaigning many years to improve systems, particularly in the area of Disability Accommodation Services where he has worked in direct care. He has experienced first-hand the short-falls in the current care and support system for people with disabilities.

Matthew is a Systemic Advocate and wears a variety hats in order to contribute at many levels. Matthew was also the first ŒHuman Rights Ambassador for the Department of Human Services, Disability Accommodation Services.

He is the proud father of a son who has disability, described as severe intellectual and physical with complex health needs. Matthew influences change with passion and is a strong voice from the grass roots, who is truly analytically innovative.


National disability consumer quality assurance tool

Monday 26th March, 2012: 4:45am - 5:30am

Discover how this tool identifies gaps in service delivery and how it can be used to match services to consumers.