Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2012
Disability advocacy and the legal system: You be the judge!

Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 March 2012 @ Melbourne Park Function Centre

Strength in numbers: Let’s set up a self advocacy network

This is  a round table workshop for self advocates to talk about setting up a Victorian Self Advocacy Network. Does self advocacy in Victoria need a network? Is it a good idea? How would it run? Who could join? These are just some of the things we will talk about in the session so come along and share your ideas and have your say.


Monday 26th March, 2012: 3:30am - 4:30am




Sue Smith, Coordinator, Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU)

Sue works at SARU and enjoys sharing advice and ideas gained from her thirty years’ experience in self advocacy and community development. She is currently the chairperson of start Community Art and has helped manage community arts projects in partnership with community organisations including Compassionate Friends, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre, Warrior Women and Reinforce. … Continued

Photo of Sue Smith, Coordinator, Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU)


Reinforce is a self advocacy organisation run by and for people with an intellectual disability. Reinforce works to ensure that the rights of people with an intellectual disability are upheld in the same way as everyone else in the community. Reinforce provides training, resources, lobbies government, holds forums and promotes socialising and networking. Reinforce is … Continued

Photo of Reinforce,