Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2012
Disability advocacy and the legal system: You be the judge!

Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 March 2012 @ Melbourne Park Function Centre

Achieving systemic change – people with disabilities missing in action

Julie Phillips tracks international disability activism over the last century. Is there enough activism in Australia? Has grassroots action fallen prey to a new and different level of engagement with people with disabilities? Has the new wave of disability consultation and its associated Working Groups, Consultative Committees, Advisory Groups, Blueprints and Disability Action Plans helped or hindered equality for people with disabilities? Are the bureaucratic relationships between people with disabilities and government helping the cause or weakening our position?

The audience is asked to consider whether disability rights have been progressed or stifled due to the last decades consultative approach.


Monday 26th March, 2012: 4:45am - 5:30am


Yellow Room


Julie Phillips, Manager, Disability discrimination Legal Service

Julie Phillips has been working in the disability sector for over 20 years. As a Community Worker for the Victorian Deaf Society, Julie began advocating for members of the Deaf Community and supporting their rights to equal access in 1989 and continues that involvement to date. Currently, Julie is Manager of the Disability Discrimination Legal … Continued

Photo of Julie Phillips, Manager, Disability discrimination Legal Service