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DARU is unique in Australia as a dedicated resource unit funded to work with disability advocacy organisations to promote and protect the rights of people with disability. We develop and distribute resources and provide training opportunities to keep disability advocates informed and up-to-date about issues affecting people with disability in Victoria. DARU also hosts regular professional development events including;

dialogue speech bubbles icon  Advocacy Sector Conversations forum series and

flame icon colour  Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference


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Directory of organisations for agencies delivering disability advocacy as well as complaints bodies, campaigners, support groups and useful referral and information services.

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What is disability advocacy?

Info sheet with overview of advocacy  types, what disability advocates do, why we need advocacy, shifting social models and how advocacy is funded in Victoria.

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In the news

  • 'They thought I was an addict': People with disabilities humiliated at Centrelink

    "I am blind and there is no electronic application form. How can I be independent? This is debilitating ... I don’t have a support person, family member, or a friend who can help me out with my paperwork. I can’t see to sign a form."

  • Danny Rumsey has Down syndrome, and he is in love

    When he is not doing laps or singing with community band, The Hidden Wonders, Danny has been working at the Welby Garden Centre, which was established by Challenge Southern Highlands to offer a range of assisted employment for people with disabilities.  Danny met Jodie Boland, who has an intellectual disability, at work.

  • Embracing disability and diversity in the workplace

    Those with disability experience more discrimination than any other group within society. Of all discrimination cases lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2016-17, 37 per cent were on the grounds of disability. Only 48 per cent of working-age people with a disability have a job, compared with 79 per cent of those without disability, according to 2015 ABS data.

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