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DARU is a statewide service established to resource the disability advocacy sector in Victoria.

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NDIS in Victoria

NDIS logo The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolling out across Victoria from July 2016.  For all the latest information about the roll out, eligibility, services the NDIS covers and more, visit the NDIS website.

For research and resources on ‘what works’  for NDIS participants and service providers, visit the Centre for Applied Disability Research’s Disability Knowledge Clearing House.

Advocacy Sector Conversations

dialog iconThe aim of this forum series is to discuss matters which directly impact on the practice of disability. Dates for 2016 are 1 March, 23 June and 24 November.  The first forum had an NDIS focus and the audio, transcript and other resources is now available from the forum summaries page.



New YouTube DARU channel

YouTube logo DARU is now on YouTube.  Our beautiful video on the rights under the UN Convention is available and the Rights Tough playlist from this year’s conference.  We’ve also found some talks by advocates that you might find interesting. Check out the DARU channel on YouTube

New to the Resource Library

  • DARU Update - 24 October 2016

  • NDIS online resource

    this resource provides a variety of information featuring the voice and experience of people with a disability and families. The resources include videos, reports and useful links.

  • Metropolitan Partnerships - applications now open

    Metropolitan Partnerships will be established for the inner metro, the inner south-east, western, northern, eastern and southern regions within Melbourne to enable communities to have a greater say about the issues that matter to them and ensure their needs are heard by government. Becoming a member of the Metropolitan Partnerships presents a new opportunity for community … Continue reading

  • Signs for Health- Website Resource for Health Care workers

    Signs for Health provides information for Victorian hospital staff to assist with providing safe, high-quality healthcare for patients who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind. This includes information on providing Auslan interpreters and other communication supports for patients who are deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind as well as information about associated legal obligations. … Continue reading

  • DARU Update - 17 October 2016

  • Understanding abuse and neglect

    Understanding abuse is about recognising abuse as a violation of a person’s human rights. A focus on what makes life good for each person is the best way to enable rights and minimise risk of abuse. It is also about knowing what signs to be aware of that abuse is happening or has taken place. … Continue reading

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In the News

  • Centrelink asks paralysed man to prove he deserved pension

    Published: Sun 23rd Oct, 2016

    The government is reviewing 90,000 disability support recipients for their eligibility after welfare changes in the 2016 federal budget, with 30,000 undergoing medical assessment. Josh has a degenerative muscular disease which means he needs a carer to attend to his every need.Yet, last month Centrelink suspended his disability support pension [DSP] after Josh’s parents missed a deadline for a medical review … Continue reading

  • Vehicle modifications opening up road to thousands of Australians living with disabilities

    Published: Wed 23rd Oct, 2013

    It is estimated there are more than 30,000 people in Australia living with spinal cord injuries and amputations who could potentially drive modified vehicles. Paul Crake believes that number could be even greater when the needs of others who require modifications to drive are factored in. His company has a first for Australia: a van … Continue reading

  • NDIS: Disability advocates call new payments scheme 'time-consuming and prone to error'

    Published: 2021

    Disability advocates are ramping up calls for the National Disability Insurance Scheme to reverse a decision on the way it handles payments to participants. From July 1 the agency that administers the scheme stopped giving people a month’s payment in advance, instead asking participants to obtain receipts and claim money back.

  • NDIA board shake up will bring corporate heavyweights to agency

    Published: Thu 20th Oct, 2016

    Leaked documents reveal a number of corporate heavyweights will be appointed instead. That’s sparked fears the government may be trying to seize control of the $22 billion scheme in order to cut its funding. Among the casualties is the chairman Bruce Bonyhady, known as the ‘grandfather’ of the NDIS. He joins Fran Kelly on RN Breakfast.

  • Living in the shadow of disability

    Published: Wed 19th Oct, 2016

    In Australia in the 21st century, people with disabilities occupy a strange liminal world, at once accepted and ostracised. We have made enormous steps as a society when it comes to people with disabilities; we have given them financial support, anti-discrimination legislation, and even the opportunity to participate in sport. However we seem reluctant to … Continue reading

  • Comic series uses offbeat humor to give unfiltered look at life with a disability

    Published: Thu 20th Oct, 2016

    A new comic series, called The Disabled Life, is using humour and sarcasm to chronicle what it’s like to live with a mobility-related disability. Created by Jessica and Lianna Oddi, who both use wheelchairs, the series documents what they call the “jerks and perks of living #TheDisabledLife.”

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Upcoming Events

  • NDIS and Mental Health

    Wed 26th Oct, 2016
    Time: 9.30-4.00pm
    Hosted by VICSERV

    This forum will share important and up-to-date developments and draw attention to the key issues affecting organisations, consumers and carers in providing mental health supports in an NDIS world.

  • NDIS information sessions for carers, people with intellectual disability and children

    Wed 3rd Aug, 2016 - Wed 26th Oct, 2016
    Hosted by Maribyrnong City Council

    The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the biggest reforms in the disability sector.

  • Getting the best NDIS Plan for you

    Fri 28th Oct, 2016
    Time: 11 AM- 2PM
    Hosted by My Supports

    Find out how the NDIS works and how to start your own personalplan and be ready to engage in a pro active and positive way with the NDIS. The session is provided from a peer-perspective.

  • Diverse Cultures Diverse Disabilities: Culture + Disability + Inclusion

    Fri 28th Oct, 2016
    Time: 1pm-3pm
    Hosted by Christian Astorian

    Christian Astorian would like to invite you to a free presentation ‘Diverse Cultures Diverse Disabilities: Culture + Disability + Inclusion’ and a free arts workshop ‘My Culture My Story: A Bookmaking Workshop’ The presentation aims to raise awareness of the life experiences and barriers faced by people with disabilities from non-English speaking backgrounds.

  • Female-only mental health wards seminar

    Wed 2nd Nov, 2016
    Time: 6:00 - 7:00pm
    Hosted by Disability Research Initiative

    Mental health advocates have increasingly called for female-only areas in mental health settings.

  • Dangerous Deeds: accessible video exhibition of disability activism

    Wed 19th Oct, 2016
    Hosted by stART Community Arts

    This is an accessible digital exhibition presenting a ‘snapshot’ of the Victorian Disability movement.

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