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Sex and the NDIS: the Case That Has Everyone Talking

The Federal Court recently decided it was reasonable and necessary for an NDIS participant to receive funding for sex work. Sara digs into the must-read details of this fascinating ruling.

Why it is “reasonable and necessary” for the NDIS to support people’s sex lives

One major theme of COVID-19 media reporting has been stories of individuals craving physical contact and struggling with loneliness. But for some people with disability, this isn’t just the byproduct of a pandemic, it’s their everyday existence.

‘We must act now’: Barriers uncovered for young people with disability

The Mission Australia Youth Survey has taken a disability lens to its data for the first time Young people with disability are more likely to report poor mental health and are twice as likely to have been bullied in the past year than young people without disability, according to data analysis from Mission Australia. 

The tragic death of Ann-Marie Smith has shocked us all

The essence of human rights is the right of everyone to live a dignified life. A life with shelter, food, access to health care, safety, inclusion in the community and respect. As a community we should value human rights because we value people. People from all backgrounds, living circumstances and abilities. People like Ann-Marie. A police investigation is now underway, and Ann-Marie’s death has been declared a major crime. 

COVID-19: $48.1 Million for National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan

The Australian Government is continuing to take action to help Australians whose mental health and wellbeing is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing an additional $48.1 million to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan presented to the National Cabinet this morning.

Federal Court decision allows NDIS funding of sex workers

The Federal Court has ruled in favour of a woman living with multiple sclerosis who wanted to fund sex work services in her National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.

Adelaide woman’s ‘degrading’ death shows community’s ‘devaluation’ of people with disabilities

The case of an Adelaide woman who died after being left by carers in a cane chair 24-hours-a-day for a year shows the community still does not value people with disabilities as much as it should, advocates say. Her death, which Detective Superintendent Des Bray described as happening in “disgusting and degrading circumstances”, is now the subject of a manslaughter investigation.

Disabled People Have Unique Perspectives On Risks And “Reopening”

We are all struggling right now with how to assess risks, both for ourselves individually and for society as a whole. The stakes are extremely high. But one of the few advantages disabled people have during this pandemic is that we understand risk better than most. We live and work with it every day of our lives.

Morrison Government continues rollout of the NDIS in face of Coronavirus

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, said the latest NDIS Quarterly Report highlights the Scheme’s continued support of Australians with disability with $4.3 billion paid for disability supports during the quarter – a 70 per cent increase on the same time last year.

Court rules NDIS must fund sex workers

Sex workers are a “reasonable and necessary” item to be funded by the NDIS, the Federal Court has ruled. Disability advocates welcomed what they described as a landmark decision and said the NDIA must accept it.

NDIS funds can be used on specialised sex work services… for now

Advocacy groups are calling on the Morrison government to immediately accept a landmark federal court decision allowing people with disability to use their National Disability Insurance Scheme funding for specialised sex work services.