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Complaints about NDIS soar amid anger at delays to payments

Complaints about the national disability insurance scheme have increased again, driven by growing anger at delays within the agency handling the landmark reform.

Behind Bars Part 4: Australia’s shocking cruelty to Aboriginal people with disabilities: overcrowding, no medical treatment, no accessibility

The result of this underfunding is major overcrowding. It is lack of accessibility for the diverse and sometimes complex needs of people with disabilities. It is the lack of medical services for people who need medical care. And it is staff who are under-trained, who are expected to control the inmates in overflowing prisons, rather than treating them humanely. Able-bodied and healthy prisoners may be able to cope with prison guards being inconsiderate, abusive, and worse. For people with disabilities, the results can range from humiliating, to dangerous.

New NDIS team to solve payment delays after providers left out of pocket

because of delays in NDIS payments. From January 29 to February 4, the NDIS indicated 21,810 payments had been unsuccessful, and 14,086 of those were because the “claim amount was greater than the available service booking”.

Lachlan takes on Metro over cyclists who don’t know the door policy

But Mr Jones, 40, a former Paralympian who is legally blind and uses a wheelchair, has become frustrated with competing for space with cyclists in the only area of the train he can access: through the first door of the first carriage.

Dylan Alcott wants to make disability sexy

“So we’re just trying to improve these organisations to not only help the disabled community get out and spend their money, but also get these organisations ready to employ people with disabilities, which is a real big passion of mine.”

What would a truly disabled-accessible city look like?

“The fear of not being able to navigate busy, cluttered and visually oriented environments is a major barrier to participation in normal life,” says Meere, 52, “be that going to the shops, going for a walk in the park, going to work, looking for work, or simply socialising.”