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Cops accuse five of fleecing disabled of $1.1m

Federal police say they will hunt down offenders involved in ­“despicable” scams on people with disabilities, after busting an ­alleged organised crime syndicate suspected of defrauding the ­National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Huge financial and social benefits to inclusive design, report shows

Commissioned by the Centre for Inclusive Design in partnership with Adobe and Microsoft, the report shows designing products and services with the needs of people experiencing the effects of ageing, poverty and disability in mind can reach four times as many consumers as opposed to not doing so.

Disabled People Don’t Need To Be “Fixed” — We Need A Cure For Ableism

There’s a common assumption that people with disabilities all have a desire to or need to be cured. The idea of needing to “fix” or “cure” disability communities automatically assumes a negative relationship between people and their disabilities. It also perpetuates the misconception that disability is something to be ashamed of.

Morrison vows to prioritise NDIS following election win

Newly re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison says fixing problems in the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be an immediate priority for the federal government, as the social sector reacts to the Coalition’s stunning election victory. This pledge has been welcomed by disability groups, who say they intend to keep the prime minister to his word.

The NDIS tension in boosting disability employment

Do disability-related choices translate to a boost in employment and, if not, how can the scheme be improved to promote this personal goal?

Patients Pay The Price For Scott Morrison’s Botched NDIS

Victorians with a disability are stuck in hospital for more than three months after they are ready to be discharged due to Scott Morrison’s botched rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

New analysis has revealed the extent of the delays being confronted by hospital patients who are either waiting for an approved NDIS plan, or who can’t access the services they need which would enable them to return home.

A horrible chain of events means this disabled woman can’t go home

Garry Saville is now fighting for accountability and for the future of his disabled daughter, after an NDIS failure called “one of the worst” by a disability advocate. A simple renovation on his Elmhurst home for his wife Marilyn has turned into a nightmare.

Australia set to face UN scrutiny over disability rights

Closing date: May 30, 2019

People with disability are being encouraged to have their say on what it’s like living in Australia, as the country prepares for a United Nations review of its performance on disability rights.
Survey Closed 31 May

Ask a policy expert: why can’t I access my disability support plans easily?

We found that despite consultation with disability advocates and people with disability when the NDIS was being designed, it is not wholly delivering on its promise of “choice and control” for people with disability. Choice and control is far from the universal experience of the NDIS’s implementation and evaluation.

How can the NDIS be more effective?

But disability advocates have concerns that those who may not fall into the first area of individual packages may not be getting enough support in mainstream services. There are also concerns that people with higher and quite complex support needs may not get support, as providers can now pick and choose who to service and state providers have dropped disability as a responsibility.

Australian Labour announces policies for inclusive education for students with disabilities

The ALP’s announcement also includes broader commitment to systemic reform through the development of a National Inclusive Education Strategy in collaboration with the States and Territories to meet Australia’s obligations under the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of the Child:

7 lessons from the latest quarterly report

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released their latest quarterly report. Here are 7 key lessons from that report.