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The Big Steal

It’s a sad reality of life that some truly awful people walk among us. However, the title of “most despicable” must surely go to members of the organised crime networks who have been targeting vulnerable Australians in order to rip off the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Meet the people hurt most by criminals ripping off the NDIS

Mark Gray struggles to stomach the concept that drug traffickers and money launderers are exploiting the welfare program that has helped give his son a quality of life not possible without government support. For Mark, the rorting of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is not just about money. “You’re taking pieces of people’s lives,” … Continued

Greens senator unleashes on Government over NDIS move

Mr Steele-John is the only federal politician who uses a wheelchair, yet his bid to become the Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was voted down by the major parties during the fist sitting week of parliament.

Delivering a functional NDIS eMarket

The NDIS eMarket did not proceed. This is an appalling situation. Instead, what the Australian community has been left with is a cadaverous, inert and incomprehensible spreadsheet which is the NDIS services and price catalogue, that has defined more than A$100 billion in supports over this period. You see, it’s not the participants ripping off the NDIS. It’s the market preying on this lack of transparency created by the NDIA’s analogue and antiquated conceptualisation of the pricing catalogue. That it has no feedback function is inherently defective. That it is inaccessible is a breach of human rights.

Living with a disability during the pandemic

Many have admitted the pandemic impacted their wellbeing and financial capabilities. Already present with disadvantages, people living with disability face even more restrictions during this period.

Australians with disabilities and their caregivers at more risk of homelessness, PTSD after flood

People with disability and their caregivers experienced profound impact and systemic neglect during and after the 2017 Northern Rivers floods, with many still unable to access stable housing, and at relatively high risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) six months later, finds a University of Sydney study.

Mental distress is much worse for people with disabilities, and many health professionals don’t know how to help

Working across the mental health and disability sectors, it is not uncommon to hear of people falling between the cracks of services. Someone may present to a disability-specific health service, and be turned away due to a co-occuring mental health difficulty. They might then present to a mental health service and be turned away due to having a disability.

NDIS participants are left waiting for too long in hospital beds due to bureaucratic delays

There are 3,000 vacancies in disability housing and 1,430 NDIS participants stuck in hospital because the bureaucratic process of securing adequate NDIA funding for housing and support is complex and takes many months or years. Instead, the focus of the NDIA appears to be on reducing short-term up-front costs. This means slow and inaccurate decisionsthat affect NDIS participants.

Why are NDIS clients having to fight for vital support?

When the National Disability Insurance Scheme was created, then prime minister Julia Gillard said it would provide security and dignity to millions of Australians. More than half a million Australians now rely on the scheme but an increasing number of people, more than 4,000, are locked in disputes with the agency over the amount of funding they receive.

Position description: NDIA CEO

The job description is neither a typical CEO appointment nor the head of a federal government department. Instead, it’s a strange combination of these senior positions that requires a very specific skill set. To determine the kind of person who should become the next CEO, we must understand the role and the skills required for a candidate to succeed.

Disability employment paper to be released ahead of jobs summit

The current Disability Employment Services program concludes on June 30 next year, and will be replaced by the new model, which the Social Services Department is currently designing, aided by the consultation report.