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2021/22 Price Guide Update

The NDIA have just released the 2021/22 Price Guide update and, as expected, it’s a bit of an anticlimax this time around. Earlier this month, the Agency announced their plans to push major Price Guide reviews back to the first half of each financial year. So even though tonight’s update is a bit light on, we will hear more about the future of the Price Guide later this year.

$10.1 million to reduce number of younger people in residential aged care

The Australian Government continues to deliver on its commitment to reduce the number of younger people living in residential aged care.  Minister Colbeck said the latest steps illustrated the Government’s ongoing commitment to providing better options for what can be a deeply emotional and complex issue.   “We know the impact this can have on individuals and their families who have too often been left with no other choice,” he said.

‘How do I know when I’m looking down the barrel of the camera?’: Nas Campanella

“I think it’s really important that we do show faces like mine on TV, that maybe have eyes that don’t look like other people’s eyes,” says Nas Campanella. “We live in a community that’s made up of so many different people and TV needs to reflect that. It’s about normalising it and reflecting the community we live in.“

5 Sensible Guidelines For Interacting With Disabled People

Whether it’s true for us or not, we all know it’s true; some people are still afraid to interact with disabled people. And being more “aware” of disability and living and working with more disabled people doesn’t always mean being comfortable with disabled people. In fact, knowing more about disability discrimination and ableism can actually raise anxiety for some of us.

NDIS users call for overhaul of ‘traumatic’ process amid reviews

Ms Mitchell recently needed urgent renovations to her bathroom at their home in Toowomba to make it safe for Joshy as his mobility declines, but chose to dip into her superannuation rather than apply for funding.  “We signed up for help, not to be constantly fighting,” she said.

Putting the $4b ‘Assistive Tech’ market at risk

So given the massive size of the AT market and the transformative impact of AT on jobs, the lack of analysis regarding AT by the NDIA is concerning. Deep analysis and future casting is urgently needed, to provide essential insight on the shifts and possible futures of the AT and innovation industry. Without this, of what use is financial forecasting on Scheme sustainability? And without this, how will “market thinness” into the future be understood?

Human Rights Commission asks NDIS to remember robo-debt in automation push

Australian Human Rights Commissioner has cautioned the use of artificial intelligence in government decision-making, asking it ensure the algorithm is fair, accurate, and accountable. Santow said if an algorithm was used to make those crucial decisions at the NDIS, then the government needed to be very confident in the quality of the information being fed into the system and make sure it would be accurate, contain no errors, and be bias-free.

Advertising campaign wants to end age discrimination against older disabled people

Today, a national advertising campaign is being launched to pressure the Government to change laws and allow older disabled people to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Currently, people aged 65 and older are excluded from the NDIS but the “Disability Doesn’t Discriminate” campaign wants to change that.

NDIS overhaul ‘penny wise, pound foolish’

Bruce Bonyhady, who was the inaugural chairman of the NDIS, is aghast the Morrison government remains committed to introducing an assessment model universally slammed by the disability community. “It cannot possibly identify individual needs,” Professor Bonyhady told ABC radio on Thursday.

Disability groups demand ‘total reset’ after leaked NDIS report

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations has written to NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds ahead of a meeting on Tuesday asking the government to commit to putting people with disabilities at the centre of decision making.

Independent Assessments: The developments you can’t miss

The practical details of how the IA program would be implemented are still shrouded in a heavy fog of mystery. Making matters even more confusing, the NDIA itself appears to still be figuring out technicalities. However, every day we learn just a little bit more about what the Agency has planned. Recently, the hottest source of IA-related goss has been none other than Australia’s very own Parliament House.