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Refreshed strategy to support more NDIS participants into work

A refreshed plan of action by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is aiming to support more people with disability find and keep jobs. The NDIA has refreshed its Participant Employment Strategy 2024-2026 (Strategy) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of NDIS employment supports.

Disability Royal Commission Progress Update

The Australian government has delayed its formal response to the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) to mid-2024. Instead it has released a “Progress Update’”. So, what does the Progress Update tell us?

Jamahl Ali was diagnosed with autism aged six. Now he’s Public School captain

Nothing can hold 11-year-old Jamahl Ali back. The caring and confident student enjoys school, has lots of friends and is school captain this year, but it’s been a long journey to get where he is today. Jamahl’s mother Shanna Ali started noticing developmental concerns with Jamahl when he was just 18 months old.

People with experience of mental health conditions should be paid to help others

For anyone diagnosed with physical illnesses, like cancer, it’s common for services and organisations to provide peer-support programs. Programs like these acknowledge the need for people to learn how to navigate all of the services and information from those who’ve already experienced the illness themselves. They can also provide important therapeutic connections.

NDIS is as popular as Medicare, study shows

Australians consider the National Disability Insurance Scheme to be a fundamental government service on par with Medicare and want fraud and waste to be fixed to ensure its sustainability, focus group research shows.

Leveraging COVID Insights to Boost Digital Accessibility for Disabled

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many innovations in how we interact digitally – and a Curtin University research project has won significant funding to ensure people living with disability can also benefit from what’s been learned. The Australian Research Council has awarded Professor Katie Ellis and her team more than $1 million as part of … Continued

Exercise is essential to increase independence of people with disabilities, but many find gyms inaccessible and unwelcoming

“Anything is possible. You just have to figure out how.” Jason Mayweather, who was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, is concentrating too intently to take any notice of the sign on the wall of a gym in Woolloongabba, on Brisbane’s southside. The 40-year-old is up on his feet, sweating profusely, and slowly … Continued

Carly Findlay: “It Is Still Legal To Pay Disabled People Below Minimum Wage”

Disability is almost always the forgotten aspect of diversity. Very rarely is disability considered or mentioned in conversations about women or broader diversity. Yet disabled women are disproportionately economically disadvantaged and disempowered compared with non-disabled people.

Everything we know about foundational supports

The words ‘foundational supports’ have been on everybody’s lips, since the term was first coined by the NDIS Review late last year. But while the words might be new, the idea behind them is not. Quite simply, foundational supports are disability supports other than the NDIS. If you are thinking: what disability supports outside of … Continued

What it means to see disability as a culture

In this opinion piece, freelancer John Loeppky argues that seeing disability as a culture fosters connection and encourages more support for disabled people.

Inclusive Employment Boosts Job Seeker Morale

RMIT’s ground-breaking Skills in Employment Program (SKiP) has achieved a major milestone, successfully placing over 500 job seekers in employment opportunities in the aged care and disability sectors. A collaboration between RMIT’s College of Vocational Education (CoVE) and Workforce and Innovation Development Program (WIDI), SKiP is a pioneering initiative designed to address workforce shortages in … Continued

Home & Living recommendations deep dive

The Home and Living Section of the Review is just eight pages long, has three major principal recommendations, and has 28 actions required of the federal government. These statistics could indicate that the section took a minor supporting role, but its substance and potential impact, if implemented, affects the entire Scheme. Home and Living supports … Continued

PWDA’s formal response to the Disability Royal Commission Final Report

For over four and a half years our disability community, laid bare throughout the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation we have endured and continue to experience. PWDA stood alongside people with disability throughout the DRC, supporting them to share their individual experiences as we collectively called for justice and genuine … Continued