Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2022
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Online in September 2022

Aimee Cooper

Photo of Aimee Cooper, Civil Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid

Civil Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid

Aimee Cooper is a civil lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid and is currently working from the Ringwood Office. She assists people with Centrelink, victims of crime, discrimination and equal opportunity, debt, guardianship and administration, tenancy, infringement, and other Council and Commonwealth prosecution matters. She is also the Co-ordinator of the National Bulk Debt Project which is aimed at protecting people’s Centrelink income by negotiating bulk waivers with creditors. She commenced her career at Victoria Legal Aid in the New Lawyers Program which gave her the opportunity to work in rural as well as metropolitan Victoria and to practice in a range of jurisdictions before taking up her current role.


Fight for your rights

Tuesday 27th March, 2012: 12:30am - 1:30am

Small group discussions and practical information sharing on a range of legal topics which often affect people with disabilities.