1.4 Issues on the horizon 

The big issue on the horizon for advocacy is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), however views and understanding vary about its potential impact. Generally there is an expectation that the NDIS will mean greater demand for advocacy as people with disabilities try to understand what it might mean for their individual situation. That is coupled with a concern that there will be no additional funding to support this greater demand.

For Commonwealth funded advocacy organisations, preparing for the new quality assurance standards has and will continue to be a major priority that takes up the bulk of their time.

Amongst many organisations there is a desire to improve systemic advocacy at the state and national level. Views on systemic advocacy in Victoria vary widely, along the following range:

  • DARU should provide systemic advocacy
  • individual organisations should do their own systemic advocacy
  • DAV needs support to be able to undertake systemic advocacy
  • networks should do their own systemic advocacy.

Other issues that the advocacy sector will be expected to understand include changes to guardianship laws, the review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, the review of the Mental Health Act and access to public transport.