5.7 Equipment library 


Resource description

The equipment library contains a set of technology and document resources of relevance to disability advocacy organisations. The resources include:

  • microphone wireless
  • microphone & stand
  • portable PA system
  • data projector
  • hearing loop
  • Handy Cam/digital video recorder
  • digital camera
  • digital voice tracer
  • meeting rooms
  • fully catalogued paper library.

Disability advocacy organisations are able to access the equipment library through a ‘member’s only’ area on the DARU web page.


Interview findings

Most organisations were not aware they may freely hire equipment through DARU, and indicated that changing technology and lowering costs meant that if they need something they will simply buy it.

Of the 28 organisations interviewed, 16 were not aware of the equipment library, and only two have used the resource. Of those newly aware, five indicated they would like to access it, with one organisation requesting a high definition digital camera be added to the store. Self advocacy organisations tended to be more active in using the available equipment.

There are significant barriers to greater use of the resource, which is generally seen as a good idea but not practical to access or maintain by advocacy organisations and by DARU. Discussions within DARU revealed that the equipment register and online member access is not easy to manage.

Based on these results, no additional funding should be allocated to improving the equipment library. A transition plan should be developed, either to retire the equipment library or to maintain it with minimal effort for those organisations who would like to continue accessing the equipment.

It is also suggested that any new resources for the disability advocacy sector should be developed by DARU in partnership with advocacy organisations. Such an approach would reflect the need to provide targeted and practical resources for advocacy organisations and their advocates.