5.5 Online Directory


Resource description

DARU provides an Online Directory of disability advocacy organisations operating within Victoria. Advocacy organisations can be identified through the directory by:

  • type of advocacy (citizen, individual or systemic)
  • geographic coverage
  • type of disability issue: physical disability, legal, employment, non-English speaking background.

DARU regularly receives calls from the public and community sector from people seeing advocacy. DARU asks for their location and the context for their issue, then provides the contact details of relevant disability advocacy organisations. The Online Directory is used to identify the relevant advocacy organisations.


Interview findings

The Online Directory was not formally discussed as part of the interviews, as this was seen as a standard resource that DARU should continue to provide in its current form.

While not part of the questionnaire, a number of organisations independently raised the usefulness of this resource. A couple commented that they use the database to find the contact details and geographical coverage of advocacy organisations operating in Victoria.

Suggestions provided for the Directory were that it should be retained in its current form, and that the database should be kept up-to-date.