Disabled Victorians to have access to 20 free rapid antigen tests a day

Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott has applauded the “amazing” decision by the Victorian government to give people with a disability access to free rapid antigen tests.

From Saturday people on the Disability Support Pension or National Disability Insurance Scheme will be able to go to any testing centre and get up to 20 rapid antigen tests per day.

Masks, RATs and clean air: how people with disability can protect themselves from COVID

People with disability bear a disproportionate burden of COVID infections, serious disease and death. Every time a support worker enters their home, people with disability risk COVID exposure. But while Australian states have evidence-based measures to reduce the spread of COVID in schools and hospitals – such as improving ventilation, mandating masks, and using rapid antigen tests to detect cases – few strategies exist to reduce transmission to people with disability in their homes.

NDIS participants stuck in Canberra hospitals amid bureaucratic delays

The paper revealed that administrative delays were the main barrier to discharge of “long stay” disabled patients in states including Queensland and Victoria.  But a range of other barriers were reported, including a lack of housing options or supports for patients after their release.

Disabled man unable to get Covid booster after Australian vaccine contractor prioritises aged care

“Last time around we were able to get a team to come out and do the vaccination at home where he’s obviously more comfortable,” Walker said. “I called [Aspen Medical] again this week, to ask them to do the booster.  “They were really lovely, very nice, but they said they’re trying to do all the nursing homes right now. So they can’t do him for another month or two.”

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2021

As governments and the international community continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, and chart a course forward, it is essential that disability inclusion is central to health system planning, development, and decision making.  Strong, effective health systems support robust health emergencies management.   

Shortcomings in the NDIS lead to extended hospitalisations

COVID hasn’t overwhelmed Australian hospitals as some people predicted but the fact remains that Australia’s public hospitals are always under intense pressure. States and territories say there are more than a thousand people currently in hospital who don’t need to be there, and they’re blaming deficiencies in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Access to NDIS support in hospital

The most recent COVID outbreaks have raised familiar concerns about one of the most complex mainstream interfaces: health and NDIS. And more specifically, what NDIS supports can a person access when they are in hospital?

Vulnerable Australians forgotten in race to reopen

The first doses of vaccine arrived on Australia’s shores on February 15 and most of the highest priority people were to have received at least a first dose by April. The strategy was sound – but you need more than words on a page to make strategy become reality.