Public trustee system under the spotlight

Since its establishment in 2019, the Disability Royal Commission has put the spotlight on the public trustee system, exposing countless cases of people losing control of their lives under the system.  Investigative reporter Anne Connolly has been at the latest hearings and she joined RN Breakfast to discuss.

Craig Wallace, a spokesperson for Australians Against Covid

“I’m very wary about the rhetoric we’ve had in this country about welfare reform, and the narrative that disabled people don’t have lives worth living. We’ve seen these regressive ideas played out in the management of the pandemic.

Helping Patients With A Disability Get Back Home

More patients with a disability who have been medically cleared but are stuck waiting in hospital for a NDIS plan will be able to go home earlier, with the Andrews Labor Government expanding a program to reduce bed block around the state. The $39 million Pathways to Home program helps patients with a disability transition home or into home-like accommodation once they are medically fit for discharge from hospital, and while they await their permanent accommodation plans through the NDIS.

Faster hospital discharge for NDIS participants

Minister Shorten said the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is implementing an operational plan to reduce the time taken for participants to be discharged from hospital.

Disabling the disabled

People living with a disability are waiting 160 days on average for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to get them out of hospitals, even though they have been found fit to leave,

Living with a disability during the pandemic

Many have admitted the pandemic impacted their wellbeing and financial capabilities. Already present with disadvantages, people living with disability face even more restrictions during this period.

NDIS participants are left waiting for too long in hospital beds due to bureaucratic delays

There are 3,000 vacancies in disability housing and 1,430 NDIS participants stuck in hospital because the bureaucratic process of securing adequate NDIA funding for housing and support is complex and takes many months or years. Instead, the focus of the NDIA appears to be on reducing short-term up-front costs. This means slow and inaccurate decisionsthat affect NDIS participants.

Know your rights and the principles under the Mental Health Act 2014

These resources provide a simple, accessible way for consumers, carers and their families, as well as lived experience workers and staff, to quickly understand, educate and communicate Victorian mental health rights and principles under the Act. The resource includes a series of social media posts and images, as well as download versions that can be used as reference guides

NDIS puts heat back on states for hospital bed block

There was a “gap between systems” with the federal and state governments coordinating hospital discharges, saying NDIS clients seeking release from hospital faced “complex and lengthy NDIA processes” and “limited housing options”.

Disability community demands inclusive plan for COVID future

“People have experienced a lot of fear, illness, isolation and neglect,” explained Dominic Golding, policy officer at National Ethnic Disability Alliance. “COVID has had a really big impact on where we feel secure and safe.”