Parents of Disabled Want More Flexibility to Hysterectomy Ban

Parents of women with severe disabilities are being forced to take their daughters overseas for hysterectomies after their requests for the procedure were denied in Australia, a leading endocrinologist has told an inquiry into involuntary sterilisation. John Carter, the father of a 31-year-old daughter with a moderately severe intellectual disability, said laws on sterilisation can … Continued

Sterilisation First Option for the Disabled

Parents of women with intellectual disabilities are going straight for sterilisation procedures rather than ”existing and viable options” to help control menstruation and contraception, a national Senate inquiry has heard. Associate Professor Sonia Grover, a gynaecologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, told the hearing she was horrified when she received ”straight-out” requests for hysterectomies. She … Continued

Disability in Australia: Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is a common cause of disability among people of all ages. Disabilities related to ABI are often complex and may cause limitations in many areas of life. This bulletin examines ABI in Australia: its causes, the prevalence and severity of disability related to ABI, and the needs of people with ABI … Continued

Violent Deaths and Soaring Abuse in Residential Homes

Up to 10 people die violently or through neglect each year in state-monitored homes designed to protect the mentally ill, disabled and elderly, while many vulnerable residents have been sexually assaulted and abused. In the most extreme case this year, a 66-year-old schizophrenic manwas charged with murder over the death of his room-mate at Bellden … Continued

Kevin Stone Interview on ABC News

ABC News Breakfast presenters, Karina Carvalho and Michael Rowland, interviewed Kevin Stone, CEO of VALID, about abuse of people with disabilities in supported accommodation.    

DARU Disability & Ageing Forum

ation and support needs of people with disabilities who are ageing was a major issue identified by delegates attending the 2012 Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference. In response, DARU hosted this forum on 11 September 2012 where over 60 participants came together to explore what happens to people with disabilities as they age and learned about ageing in place for people with disabilities.

What about the Husband and Children I Never Had?’

Having lived for 50 years with deformed legs and without arms, only some fingers attached to her shoulders, Mary Henley-Collopy was incensed to discover yesterday that her disabilities could have been prevented. The Melbourne victim of the side-effects of thalidomide said she was ”infuriated” that German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal ignored and covered up warnings about … Continued

Creating Healthy Workplaces

VicHealth has identified five areas where workplaces can begin to make advances, not only in improving the health of employees and preventing future problems, but also in enhancing productivity and reducing absenteeism and staff turnover. The Creating Healthy Workplaces program is structured around five areas: reducing stress promoting equal and respectful relationships between men and … Continued

Death with Dignity Backed

Victorians could soon have greater control over their deaths by being allowed to refuse life-saving treatment for future illnesses, under proposed laws strongly endorsed by the Health Minister. The proposed laws being considered by the state government would enable people to set directives about healthcare and medical treatment for conditions they don’t yet have. Health … Continued