RecruitAbility? Just give us a job!

The Australian Public Service has launched a new scheme, RecruitAbility in an effort to raise the woefully low number of people with a disability they employ. The scheme works by fast tracking applicants who self nominate as having a disability in the recruitment process so that they are guaranteed an interview if they meet the … Continued

We need to talk about disability

The rate of unemployment for people with a disability is 7.1 per cent. You might think that’s not too bad, except that the unemployment rate doesn’t really tell you much. The more telling statistic is that their workforce participation rate is almost three times worse than the rest of the population. Some people with disability … Continued

Employable or not? You decide

This video profiles three people who share their frustrations in gaining employment despite their skills, training and abilities and offer some practical ideas for employers and policy makers. For more information, contact ADDE: A: Level 2, 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000 W: T: 03 9662 3324

More people with disabilities leaving public service than joining

People with disabilities left the workforce four times faster than they were hired in the past year leading concerned disability advocates to call for reforms to federal government hiring procedures. In the past year, 535 people with disabilities left the public service, 46.4 per cent of whom were retrenched, compared with only 119 engagements in … Continued

The Dignity of Slavery – or ‘Why My Shoes Are Cheaper at Kmart’

We used to call them sheltered workshops. That’s a thing of the past – they’re now branded as ‘Australian Disability Enterprises’, places where people with disability are routinely placed and where you can earn as little as $1.79 an hour. A kinder term, but ‘lipstick on a pig’ in the eyes of many. Workers are … Continued

Visually impaired and blind workers: undervalued, underemployed

Blinded when she was 20, Ms Henley uses a form of “echo-location” – clicking her fingers or tongue to produce echos much like a bat’s navigation – to find her way around a new office and a new city. “The noise bounces off objects in your environment. You can use it to work out different … Continued

What’s fair pay for people with intellectual disabilities?

Thousands of disabled Australians earn just a few dollars an hour working at disability enterprises. A recent Federal Court decision will lead to higher wages, but some employers fear this will send them broke. Is this a cunning ploy to get out of paying more or are their fears justified? And some parents believe these … Continued

Overqualified and Undervalued: The Ugly Truth About Workplace Disability

The theory of overcoming barriers for entry into the workforce by disabled people is great. The practice, however, is something else altogether. Rob Potter explains. Discrimination against disabled people is a difficult subject to broach, much less comprehensively discuss. This is compounded by the fact that we live in a society that thinks it actually … Continued

Should more people with disabilities be working?

Insight looks at whether more people with disabilities should be working – and what’s standing in the way. The discussion comes as the Federal Government is reviewing the DSP, saying it wants more people who have a capacity to work back in the workforce. Dr George Taleporos is a 39-year-old disability rights advocate. He has … Continued

Reassessing Disability Support is ‘Ludicrous’, Says Advocate

The reassessment of people on the disability support pension is always going to be a problem,” Ms Young said. “It doesn’t necessarily create jobs in the labour market, it doesn’t create opportunities.” Under the changes, an estimated 28,000 people on the disability support pension who are able to work more than eight hours a week, … Continued

Disability Employment Sector Angry over Wage Reform Decision

The Human Rights Commission appears on a collision course with the Federal Government, disability advocates and those in the disability employment sector, after its decision on how wages should be assessed for workers with a severe disability. Disability Enterprises and the Federal Government have tried to delay the transition to a new wage-assessment model, but … Continued

Australian Human Rights Commission Supports Continued Discrimination of Employees with Disability

National peak disability and advocacy groups condemn the decision by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to allow the Australian Government and sheltered workshops (also known as Australian Disability Enterprises or ‘ADEs’) to continue to discriminate against employees with disability. However, we also applaud the AHRC for placing the final nail in the coffin of … Continued