Super Changes Urged for Workers with Disability

Disability rights activists say some people with intellectual disabilities are being short-changed when it comes to superannuation. The Federal Government is being urged to change super laws so that low-earning workers with disabilities qualify for super payments. Parents fear their children will end up on welfare despite being quite capable of working.

Guideline for the Recruitment Industry and Employers: Complying with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 in Recruitment

Access to employment is a fundamental right that everybody should be able to enjoy. However, discrimination based on characteristics such as age, race, disability, and parental or carer status can prevent some people from gaining employment, even if they are the best person for the job. Discrimination can happen at different stages of the recruitment … Continued

Economics of Getting Disabled Australians into Work

It’s estimated only half of the more than two million Australians with disabilities who are of working age are employed. Disability advocates want to close this gap. And agencies and businesses that employ people with disabilities say the economic benefits are too hard to ignore.

Creating Healthy Workplaces

VicHealth has identified five areas where workplaces can begin to make advances, not only in improving the health of employees and preventing future problems, but also in enhancing productivity and reducing absenteeism and staff turnover. The Creating Healthy Workplaces program is structured around five areas: reducing stress promoting equal and respectful relationships between men and … Continued

Employment for People with Disability

This panel session was presented at the 2012 Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference: You Be The Judge held at Melbourne Park Conference Centre. The session was moderated by Sharon Granek, DARU.¬† Panel members included: Kairsty Wilson, Principal Lawyer, AED Legal Service Gordon Prior, Consumer ¬†Riki Domagalski, Consumer People First, NZ This is a biennial event hosted … Continued