Reports & Documents

Disability advocacy by the numbers: Statistics from July 2012 to June 2016

This document seeks to provide information about disability advocacy using data provided by the Victorian Government’s Office for Disability from the disability advocacy organisations it funds. The report provides basic data on the number, characteristics and advocacy issues of people using disability advocacy services in Victoria.

NDIS Consultation for Disability Advocacy Organisations: Summary Report

The objective of this consultation was to bring together disability advocates working on the ground in the sector and hearing the issues they have identified in the NDIS rollout so far. This includes the planning for the rollout, feedback from their clients and the responses to those issues.

Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2016 Evaluation Report

The Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2016 was held on 1st & 2nd September 2016 at NAB Hall, 700 Bourke Street Docklands.

This report provides an outline of the event summary of the feedback received from delegates who attended and lists the ‘calls for action’ identified. Overall, the format and topics discussed were very well received.

National Disability Advocacy Framework

The Australian Government Department of Social Services is reviewing the National Disability Advocacy Framework.  This joint submission, prepared by VCOSS, DAV Inc and DARU, is in response to the Discussion Paper.

Disability Advocacy by the Numbers

Statistics from the 2012-2013 Victorian Office for Disability Advocacy Program Quarterly Data Collection Prepared by the Disability Advocacy Resource Unit June 2014 Contents Executive summary. 1.Clients receiving disability advocacy services. 2. Client characteristics. 3. Advocacy issues. 4. Data limitations. 5. Next steps.   About DARU DARU is a state-wide service established to resource the disability advocacy … Continued

Policy: DARU Update

This policy outlines editorial ethics and production procedures for the DARU Update, a weekly e-newsletter distributed to subscribers.

Review of DARU Resources & Stakeholder Engagement

DARU undertook this stakeholder engagement project over the second half of 2012 to investigate the relevance and accessibility of the resources it is providing to advocacy organisations, people with a disability, and to self advocacy organisations through their relationship with the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU). Interviews were conducted with 28 disability advocacy organisations operating … Continued

Disability Advocacy Code of Conduct

This document provides Disability Advocates and Disability Advocacy organisations with a clear framework for understanding their responsibilities for effective advocacy practice. This framework is not prescriptive, allowing organisations to retain their autonomy and diversity.