NDIS Consultation for Disability Advocacy Organisations: Summary Report

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) is funded by the Office for Disability to provide capacity building, resources, information, training and networking opportunities to the Disability Advocacy Sector in Victoria. DARU has a number of avenues of collecting feedback from advocates around their resourcing needs. Through these processes, it has become apparent that one of the biggest requests for more resources, information and training is about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) .

The objective of this consultation was to bring together disability advocates working on the ground in the sector and hearing the issues they have identified in the NDIS rollout so far. This includes the planning for the rollout, feedback from their clients and the responses to those issues. DARU also sought to identify what resourcing, training, skills and banks of information were needed in order for advocates to effectively and swiftly advocate for NDIS participants in order to inform its work to appropriately resource the sector.