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Entrepreneurial spirit built of necessity for people with disability

Finding a job can be difficult, and if you have a disability it’s even harder because of persistent workplace discrimination. But people with a disability are increasingly taking control of their own lives, building their entrepreneurial skills and establishing their own enterprises.

Exceptionally Complex Support Needs Program

Earlier this year, the NDIA launched the Exceptionally Complex Support Needs Program (ECSNP). It is designed to support services providers to work through some of their trickiest problems when delivering supports to people with complex support needs.

Changes to NDIS Independent Advisory Council 3 November

Minister Robert said the Council plays an important role in supporting the NDIA Board, and Dr Jay’s appointment complements an already strong and knowledgeable group of Council members.

Disability homes lack safety plans as union warns of mental health toll

A survey conducted by the Health and Community Services Union of more than 900 Victorian disability workers found more than one in five of the state’s estimated 1400 disability homes are yet to enact COVID-safe plans.

Interim report details widespread abuse against people with disability in Australia

The disability royal commission’s interim report was handed down on Friday, detailing how people with disability were experiencing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation across all aspects of their lives. The 561-page report outlines the attitudinal, environmental, institutional and communication barriers people with disability face when seeking inclusion within Australian society.  

NDIS Participants to access free assessments as part of pilot

NDIS Participants will have the opportunity to experience free independent assessments and provide feedback as part of a voluntary NDIA pilot resuming in late October. The pilot, postponed in March due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, will enable the Agency to make sure Independent Assessments meet the needs of a diverse range of NDIS participants, when they start in 2021. 

SDA data: Taking it to the next level

Stuart Robert, the Minister for the NDIS, today announced the release of new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) data. This might not sound like big news, but for the SDA market it is actually very, very exciting! Like jump up and down exciting and dance on the spot exciting. You get the idea…

Independent Assessments: Will they work?

Few people would disagree with the NDIA’s argument that there are serious structural issues in the Scheme. But are Independent Assessments a solution fit for purpose? Or will they just create a whole heap of new problems? In the controversy surrounding IAs, many people are wondering what motivation is behind this decision. In this article, we follow that line of enquiry, taking a closer look at systemic issues IAs may be seeking to address and explore the likelihood of success.

People with disability in NSW need funding certainty for advocacy

With organisations just months away from their funding ending, Tony Jones provides an overview of the current state of play in how disability advocacy is being funded and the New South Wales government’s response for further allocations.