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Disability community shocked and dismayed by recent neglect cases

It’s been a traumatic time for Australia’s disability community. In Adelaide, Police are investigating the recent death of Ann Marie Smith, she had cerebral palsy and it’s alleged she died as a result of severe neglect. Earlier this week, the father of a Brisbane girl with Down Syndrome was charged with her murder. Yesterday, authorities discovered two teenage boys with autism locked in a room in squalid conditions, their father lay dead in another room. Each case has angered the community and it’s stoking fear among some who live with a disability.

Delivering NDIS: annual price review leads to simpler, more flexible scheme

he NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue is being released ahead of the new market settings becoming effective on 1 July, consistent with the commitment made to provide greater certainty and clarity for the 364,000 participants receiving NDIS supports and their providers. Mr Robert said there were new initiatives included in the Price Guide that would better empower people with a disability to find employment and support people with psychosocial disability to achieve their goals.

People with disability turn to entrepreneurship

Lead researcher Professor Simon Darcy said this was because people with disability felt they had no choice but to start their own business in order to work, setting their own flexible hours and working conditions was attractive, and it was an opportunity to give back to their community in some way.

Independent review into matters related to the death of Ann Marie Smith

The death of NDIS participant, Ann Marie Smith, in South Australia is absolutely shocking and the circumstances that led to her death must never be allowed to happen again.

Disability workers caring for suspected coronavirus patients ask for pay rise

Frontline disability support workers are pushing to be paid an extra $5 an hour if the person they are working with has, or is suspected to have, coronavirus. The workers potentially at risk of exposure to COVID-19 have taken their proposal to the Fair Work Commission, arguing it would reflect the increased intensity and risk of their workload.

The Federal Court decision to fund sexual supports – and what it means for for all NDIS participants

Federal court decisions are really important because they help us to understand what the NDIS principle of “reasonable and necessary” means in the real world. From what we have seen from court decisions so far (including this one) reasonable and necessary is very specific to the person’s disability and their unique situation.

Ann Marie Smith’s carer wasn’t screened by Integrity Care

More details have emerged from a number of investigations into the death of Adelaide woman, Ann Marie Smith, who police say died as a result of shocking neglect last month. The acting head of South Australia’s Human Services Department today told a parliamentary committee there had been several “flags” against her carer, Rosa Maoine and the company that employed her – Integrity Care over the years.

Sex and the NDIS: the Case That Has Everyone Talking

The Federal Court recently decided it was reasonable and necessary for an NDIS participant to receive funding for sex work. Sara digs into the must-read details of this fascinating ruling.