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Time for ‘Real’ Wages Not ‘Pot Shots’ at People With Disability

Here we go again – vilifying Australians with disabilities. Try paying us a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work instead, argues systemic advocate for inclusive practices, Tricia Malowney. One of the saddest – yet positive – stories I have to tell is from when I was at an event recently and they had … Continued

Bushfire Planning Leaves Behind People with Disabilities

When bushfires start, no one should be more worried than people with disabilities. Recent research shows people with disabilities are twice as likely to die or be injured than the general population during a disaster. They are also less likely to receive aid and less likely to recover in the long-term. Jo Ragen, a senior … Continued

Young Disabled Pin Hopes on NDIS for Housing

An estimated 3500 people aged under 60 live in nursing homes despite 85 per cent of Australians believing there should be age-appropriate housing and support for people with disabilities. A survey of 800 Australians also found that 90 per cent believe the issue should be addressed by government. Note: Subscription required to access this article

Payment Scheme for Workers Assessed Under the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool

The Australian Government will establish a payment scheme for supported employees with intellectual disability in Australian Disability Enterprises who previously had their wages assessed under the Business Service Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT). The scheme will deliver certainty for these employees, their families and carers, as well as their employers, while the implications of the BSWAT … Continued

Class Action Seeks much Better Deal

Lawyers acting for thousands of underpaid intellectually disabled workers will lodge a court application on Monday seeking to block the federal government’s scheme to tackle the underpayments. Legal firm Maurice Blackburn will file a Federal Court action in an attempt to stop 10,000 intellectually disabled employees at sheltered workshops signing away their legal rights to … Continued

Government Plans New Disability Payment Scheme

The Federal Government will introduce a new payment scheme for employees with intellectual disabilities that work in Australian Disability Enterprises but peak Not for Profits say it isn’t enough. Previously employees with intellectual disability had their wages assessed under the Business Service Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT). The Government plan follows last year’s decision of the … Continued

Lawyers for 10,000 Intellectually Disabled Workers to Seek Court Order over Federal Government’s Payment Scheme

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will today (Monday 20 January) lodge an application for court orders to prevent the Federal Government from misleading intellectually disabled employees into signing away their legal rights. Last week the Government announced plans to establish a payment scheme for intellectually disabled workers who have been underpaid while working at sheltered workshops. The … Continued

Labor Slams NDIS Privatisation Call

A potential sell-off of the National Disability Insurance Scheme agency would betray disabled people and their carers, the federal opposition says. During a senate inquiry on Wednesday, the chairman of the Abbott government’s commission of audit, Tony Shepherd, refused to rule out recommending a sell-off of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which is tasked … Continued

Concerns Discrimination Against Disabled Widespread and Varied in Australia’s Justice System

TONY EASTLEY: Australia’s disability discrimination commissioner is concerned that too many of the state’s top lawmakers are unwilling to change the justice system in order to make it fairer for people with a disability. For the past six months Graeme Innes has met all state and federal attorneys-general to urge them to reform legislation that … Continued

Disability Funding is No Charity, it’s an Investment

Treasurer Joe Hockey warned earlier this week of a “massive blowout” in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if the system wasn’t made more efficient. This follows subtle re-positioning of the government’s stance on the NDIS since the election. Tony Abbott referred to the scheme as a “trial” rather than a “launch” after the recent … Continued

Concern over Young People in Nursing Homes – Survey

Age-appropriate accommodation is the main concern Australians have for young people with disabilities, a survey has found. According to a survey conducted by Empirica Research in conjunction with the Summer Foundation, 85 per cent of Australians believed there should be age-appropriate housing and support for people with disabilities. The study also found that those with … Continued

Law Reform to Smooth Way for the Disabled

A Laverton woman with a vision impairment says people with a disability should not automatically be barred from jury duty. Annmarie Kelly, who has a seeing eye dog named Ouzo, says she can see only at extremely close range. But she believes that should not prohibit her from being considered as a juror. Her comments … Continued

Inclusion is Good for Business

When dinosaurs still roamed the land and I was appointed to my first senior human resources role in the finance sector, the first question I was asked by a line manager was “How do I get rid of so and so?” Most human resource professionals will tell you this is a common question and it … Continued

Plans on Track for Closure of Bendigo Disability Centre

Residents of Sandhurst Residential Services and their families are playing a key role in shaping their future accommodation needs, with almost 90 per cent of client future accommodation plans being complete or nearing completion, Minister for Disability Services and Reform Mary Wooldridge, said today. The $7.9 million project delivers on the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment … Continued

NSW Reveals Latest Disability Services Policy

The NSW Government has announced a new policy on disability services that it says will pave the way for 47,000 more people with disabilities to get access to individualised funding. The Ready Together policy will prepare NSW for the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by July 2018 and “reaffirms” the State’s $2 … Continued