Performers with disability reflect on the state of access in Australia’s arts

Findlay, a writer, spoken-word performer and “appearance activist”, has recently taken up the new post of inclusion coordinator for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Her goal for her three-year tenure as inclusion coordinator is to get the proportion of artists with disabilities at Melbourne Fringe to around 20 per cent, which would be similar to the proportion in the general community.

Dignity of Risk: Theatre production puts disabled young people in the spotlight

When a degenerative disease robbed Holly Craig of her eyesight, she gave up on her dreams of a career on stage. Almost a decade later, Craig, now 27, is beginning to dream again, as she takes centre stage for a solo dance in a production at the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney.  

Comic series uses offbeat humor to give unfiltered look at life with a disability

A new comic series, called The Disabled Life, is using humour and sarcasm to chronicle what it’s like to live with a mobility-related disability. Created by Jessica and Lianna Oddi, who both use wheelchairs, the series documents what they call the “jerks and perks of living #TheDisabledLife.”

10 Badass Disabled Women You Should Know About

Disabled people deserve to know, from our school days, that we’re not just cases, diagnoses, or “not really disabled”; we’re part of a community with its own histories and triumphs. So to help you (and twelve-year-old me) gain a better understanding of disability than “just ignore it,” here are ten disabled women whose names you … Continued

Tolerance (or the lack of it!)

Closing date: May 19, 2016

The Rebuttal is an Independent Ezine and website that aims to promote and create discussion about Deaf and hearing impaired issues. This post is an interesting account on the Deaf vs. hearing, signing vs. speech debate and the need for tolerance for different lived experiences of deafness.