The Infantilization of Elders and People With Disabilities

Infantilization is often a form of ableism. This behavior is offensive because it underestimates a person’s cognitive abilities and implies that people with disabilities are invisible, don’t matter, or don’t have anything meaningful to communicate.

Greens senator unleashes on Government over NDIS move

Mr Steele-John is the only federal politician who uses a wheelchair, yet his bid to become the Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was voted down by the major parties during the fist sitting week of parliament.

Calls for people with disability to lead NDIA

Closing date: August 2, 2022

Advocates say it is time for the National Disability Insurance Agency to be led by those it serves.  Interview with Christina Ryan who heads the Disability Leadership Institute.

Why calling myself disabled gave me freedom and community

The reluctance to associate myself with the word was not only about not feeling sick enough. It is a recurring message, from doctors and strangers alike, that disabled people can’t be young, can’t be fashionable, can’t even be happy. The misery people project onto wheelchair users and disabled people as a whole, comes from a place of ignorance and fear. Non-disabled people are afraid of becoming us, because they only know the stereotypes they have seen before.

What Is “Inspiration Porn” and Why Does It Matter?

The problem with these images stems from the fact that they’re based on the idea that disabled people can do certain things “in spite” of their disabilities, and that they’re used to motivate and inspire non-disabled people. Australian comedian and disability rights advocate Stella Young termed these types of examples inspiration porn.

Spoken word by Emily Dash

Emily Dash is an emerging writer, actor, producer and speaker who works across theatre and screen. Her acclaimed and wide ranging work emphasises social justice issues, community engagement, intersectionality, and expanding perceptions of disability. Watch her spoken word performance about owning your power and taking up space as a person with disability which was presented at the ‘Where To From Here Conference 2022’.