Case Study: Passport Photo

A vision impaired member contacted the Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) office for support in a case against his local post office. During a visit to the post office to have his passport photos taken, he was advised that he would need to go elsewhere to have his photos taken as the computer system was detecting an … Continued

Tireless Advocate of Rights for the Disabled and Champion of the Arts

In 1981, Lesley Hall and some mates stormed the Miss Australia Quest. They actually strategically bought tickets, but to imagine them storming through the doors of the St Kilda Town Hall is too delicious. But Lesley definitely stormed the stage. She stands right in the thick of the ceremony, flanked by madly grinning beauty contestants … Continued

Equal but Different

With the launch of the new national insurance scheme, DisabilityCare, disability is for once high on the public agenda. Many Australians now agree that the previous system failed those in need and they thus support this long-overdue reform. What is more, there is finally real money on the table, money that can help address the … Continued

Human Rights and Disability Advocacy

This is a volume in the Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights series “The authors have embarked on a fascinating, original, and groundbreaking project to tell the story of how the CRPD came to be.”—Michael Perlin, New York Law School The United Nations adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) constituted … Continued

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol 2008

The Convention follows decades of work by the United Nations to change attitudes and approaches to persons with disabilities. It takes to a new height the movement from viewing persons with disabilities as “objects” of charity, medical treatment and social protection towards viewing persons with disabilities as “subjects” with rights, who are capable of claiming … Continued

The Painting of a Disabled Man from the 16th Century

A painting from the 16th century that had not yet been taken notice of is the starting point of this project. For more than 400 years, this Painting of a Disabled Man has been part of the famous Chamber of Art and Curiosities at Ambras Castle near Innsbruck in Austria. The discussion and analysis of … Continued

Locked Out: Discrimination in Victoria’s Private Rental Market

This report highlights the struggles vulnerable Victorians are facing when trying to access the private rental market. It indicates that some people experience discrimination and stereotyping because of race, disability or having children, making it difficult for them to secure a home.

Disability in Indigenous Communities; Addressing the Disadvantage

By any measure, Aboriginal people with disabilities are amongst the most disadvantaged Australians. They often face multiple barriers to their meaningful participation within their own communities and the wider community. This continues to occur for a range of reasons including the fact that the vast majority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities do … Continued

Advocacy Using Human Rights Legislation

This slideshow was presented at the 2012 Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference: You Be The Judge held at Melbourne Park Conference Centre. This is a biennial event hosted by the Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU), the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) and Disability Advocacy Victoria (DAV), the sector’s peak body.