Staying Safe

The ‘Staying Safe’ resource is a video series that inform the community about the need to respect people with disability and to prevent abuse and neglect.  According to research the level of abuse and neglect that people with disability experience is alarmingly high and this needs to change.

The best way to prevent the abuse of people with disability is by informing them about their rights and encouraging them to speak up. Another prevention strategy is through raising public awareness of the abuse and neglect of people with disability within society.

An associated 90 minute information session is also available through VALID. It  includes practical advice on things people with disability can do to stay safe and information about who people can talk to if they are feeling unsafe. The sessions are conversation based and delivered in a way that is engaging and encourages participants to feel comfortable to learn and contribute to the conversation. Topics covered during the workshop include:

  • · Financial abuse
  • · Neglect
  • · Emotional abuse
  • · Physical abuse
  • · Sexual abuse
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Human Rights, Social Justice, Case Studies


Date published:
Thu 4th Apr, 2019