Beliefs About Disabilities May Predict COVID-19 Precautions

Key Points The social model states that society is the primary cause of disability, so it is a social responsibility. A new study finds that social model beliefs about disability were associated with more COVID-19 precautions. People with stronger social model beliefs were more concerned about disabled people contracting COVID-19.

3 Forms Of Gaslighting Disabled People Experience Most Often

2022’s Merriam-Webster Word Of The Year was “gaslighting.” It’s both an apt term for a set of real and serious experiences, and an overused word that threatens to trivialize those same experiences. Either way, “gaslighting” feels especially familiar to many people with disabilities. The word seems to name and give form to one of the most common, but hard … Continued

PhD scholarship in Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Studies

Closing date: October 31, 2023

The new Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne invites Expressions of Interest for a PhD. The Initiative aims to create and promote safe and socially just futures, where people with disability have access, are included and their diversity valued in all facets of social, political and … Continued

Failed Ambitions: Kew Cottages and changing ideas of intellectual disabilities

This meticulously researched book uses archival records to explore the history of Kew Cottages through the trajectory of ideas behind development of disability policy, both nationally and internationally, and the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities in institutional care, covering the evolution of disability within our society. Everyone with an interest in the history of disability rights in Victoria should read this book which explores the way policies and services have evolved as our understanding of intellectual disability improves. 

Australians with disability at UN Conference

Since 2008, the United Nations (UN) has convened the COSP annually to facilitate one of the CRPD commitments to regularly assemble the 164 signatories and 186 State Parties who ratified the CRPD to discuss its implementation. COSP offers a significant opportunity for signatories and state parties to improve how people with disability can engage socially and geopolitically.

The Social Ostracism of the Disabled: A Tale of Discrimination, Deprivation, and Disregard

Despite being the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities are often forgotten and excluded from the mainstream paradigms and mechanisms dealing with the issues of minorities. Not only they are a minority, but they’re also one of the most vulnerable groups in the world facing heightened discrimination and inequalities, as their needs are often overlooked by governments and international organizations.

Disability Rights in Real Life

In 2021, Equality Lawyers and Picture Human Rights joined forces to create Disability Rights in Real Life, a law handbook for people with disabilities, their families and supporters. ​Disability Rights in Real Life aims to provide the disability community with information on their rights and to know when they might need a disability rights lawyer. … Continued

Human Rights Interviews

Lisa, who lives with an acquired brain injury, is passionate about protecting the human rights of people with disability.  In this series of interviews, Lisa seeks to explore how various organisations that provide services to people with disability view human rights, and what they are doing to promote the human rights of people with disability.

Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework

Closing date: July 21, 2023

“This is a timely inquiry as the Australian Human Rights Framework has not been the subject of any significant review since it was first announced in 2010.  In an increasingly digital environment, it is important to look at emerging issues such as the right to privacy and government’s role in protecting people’s data.  This inquiry will help ensure the Federal Parliament continues to uphold the human rights of all Australians and Australia’s international human rights obligations.”

UN expert calls for ‘new philosophy’ to better serve persons with disabilities

A “new philosophy” and broader approaches can transform services for persons with disabilities, a UN-appointed independent expert told the Human Rights Council on Monday. Personhood and social inclusion should always determine how services and support systems are designed, delivered, and monitored, he said. Indeed, adding this concept was the only way to make the Convention … Continued