Something Stronger – Truth-telling on hurt and loss, strength and healing, from First Nations people with disability’

This report was commissioned by the Disability Royal Commission and looks at how First Nations people with disability speak about their experience of violence and abuse. It finds that First Nations people with disability are less likely to discuss issues of violence and abuse with others outside their community because their experiences are too ‘raw’ to talk about. They often mention the terms ‘loss’ and ‘lost’ in reference to traumatic events.

‘They have also been abandoned at critical moments when they sought help and support, so there is an expectation that nothing will change, and putting words to their story will only remind them of their pain.’

Dr Avery says First Nations people will be more likely to tell their experience of violence and trauma if they are confident they will be believed, not just heard, and also if they believe it will matter for something.

The report is available for download in a variety of formats.

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Disability Royal Commission

Dr Scott Avery

Date published:
Thu 22nd Oct, 2020