Teen brothers with disabilities found naked and locked in room, commission hears

Two brothers with disabilities were discovered severely malnourished, naked and locked in a room with no food or furniture, the disability royal commission has been told. The commission heard on Monday about the shocking case of two young men, aged 17 and 19, who authorities found living in squalid conditions in May 2020.

Outcomes associated with ‘inclusive’, ‘segregated’ and ‘integrated’ settings for people with disability

The research report looks at what should be done to make a more inclusive society that supports people with disability to be safe and independent. It considered several questions about inclusion and it found that inclusion is more than just being in the community physically.  Inclusion is when people with disability feel welcome and know they belong, are safe and can speak up and have their say.

Disability service provider capacity in focus

As the disability sector grapples with workforce shortages, the Disability Royal Commission is examining what can be done to enhance the capacity of disability service providers to deliver safe and high quality services. CEO of National Disability Services (NDS) Laurie Leigh appeared before the Royal Commission to discuss that capacity.

Violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability costs $46 billion annually

The Royal Commission has published a research report titled Economic Cost of Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of People with Disability. It estimates that the economic costs of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation (maltreatment) of people living with disability is $46 billion annually, or $9,600 on average per person with disability.

Experiences of ABI and Inclusion report

The report, Experiences of ABI and inclusion: Reflections on inclusion drawn from lived experience is part of OPA’s submission on how we can become a more inclusive society.

Advocacy for Inclusion submission to the Disability Royal Commission

the submission focuses on eight key areas which need to change to make a material, lasting difference in the lives of people with disability.  These are reforming Australia’s Discrimination Laws; enabling a path out of COVID for disabled people; lifting disabled people out of poverty; finding homes to thrive in; making Inclusive Education Work; a right to justice; making healthcare accessible; delivering the promise of NDIS; and levelling up to address gaps and barriers in service provision in the ACT. 

Chair writes to CEOs of airlines and airports

The Chair of the Disability Royal Commission, the Hon Ronald Sackville AO KC, has written to the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Australia’s airlines and domestic airports outlining concerns people with disability have reported to the Royal Commission based on their experiences with air travel.