A different way of thinking

What if the world stopped seeing autism as abnormal? Many people with Asperger’s syndrome or autism embrace their condition. They seek respect for ‘neurodiversity’, not a cure.

Just Ask Us

The Victorian Ombudsman has produced a video with contributions from many Victorian advocacy organisations that shares information about how government employees can be more helpful and respectful.

Adult Change Rooms in Shopping Centres and Govt Buildings

Closing date: June 30, 2019

There are people with disability who use continence products, and are unable to sit on a toilet. Providing a “disabled access” toilet just doesn’t cut it for some people. I have a right to use toilet facilities just like “normal” people.

Accessible Telecoms

Accessible Telecoms is a nationwide disability telecommunications service that provides independent, up-to-date information on mainstream and assistive telecommunication products suitable for people with disabilities.

A song for sex rights

Everyone likes to have their voice heard, but not everyone is heard equally. Rainbow Rights is a self advocacy group for people with an intellectual disability and who happen to be LGBTIQ+. They’ve just recorded a song to let the world know that they have the same rights that everyone else does.

Putting disability and leadership in the same sentence

When disability advocate and entrepreneur, Christina Ryan, realised workplace programs helping people with disability into leadership roles were non-existent, she got angry. And then she started the Disability Leadership Institute, an enterprise that coaches, trains and supports people with disability into decision making and leadership roles.

Disability Pride – a movement whose time has come?

Disability” and “pride” are two words you wouldn’t usually see next to each other, and that’s something the organisers of New Zealand’s annual Disability Pride Week want to change. Rachel Noble is deaf and one of the founders of Disability Pride Week, now in its third year and expanding beyond Wellington for the first time. She says the idea grew from a long-standing desire for disabled people to have a stronger collective voice.

Access Ability Australia

AccessAbilityAustralia is the unique developer of creating access and inclusion into community for people of all abilities through the use of Access Keys.

My Health Record opt-out hard for people with disability

The opt-out period for My Health Record is being extended until the end of January, but disability advocates say more resources are needed to help people with disability make an informed decision.