VICSERV Change Leaders Co-Lab

Change Leaders Co-Lab will bring together Ageing, Disability and Mental Health consumer-citizen advocates, carers, system  change proponents and exemplary service providers committed to advancing consumer, citizen and community control and choice. Change Leaders Co-Lab is a component of the Victorian Collaborative Panel project Promoting the Exercise of Consumer Control and Choice

Change Leaders Co-Lab requires a commitment of seven full days over seven months beginning in February 2018. The two streams will meet four times each and come together three times as a whole group.

Guide to supported decision-making

This guide takes readers through the various ways in which supported decision-making can occur in Victoria, taking account of all the legal possibilities, while also providing best-practice advice. Families and carers will learn to provides supported decision-makingfor the person to make their own decisions.

New senator fights for disability rights

New Greens senator Jordon Steele-John says Australians will not cop politics as usual, as he vowed to be a tireless champion for people with disability.

State of the Disability Sector Report 2017

Most of the findings in this year’s report are based on the 2017 Annual Market Survey, which saw 516 disability service providers share their experiences. The survey focuses on the 2016-17 financial year, and highlights the key concerns of the sector as well as what’s needed to ensure that disability service providers have the confidence … Continued

MacFarlane devastated by loss of Disability Pride artwork

The Disability Pride artwork was intended as a collaborative paste up to celebrate the culture of Melbourne’s disabled community, challenging the narrow stereotypes of disability and making a stand that joins with the international disability pride movement.

Is your Senator on the nice list?

Get your Senator on Santa’s good list this Christmas. Ask your Senator to support full funding for the NDIS.  The biggest part of getting the NDIS right is making sure the scheme is funded – now and into the future. The bill to increase the Medicare Levy to fund the NDIS has already passed the lower house. Now it sits with our Senators.  Tell your Senator not to be a Scrooge and support a fully funded NDIS this Christmas.

Swinburne and WISE to offer more support for disabled students

Students, academia and employers are working together to explore the best ways of supporting students living with disabilities. Universities need to play a greater role in preparing students with a disability for employment, according to a roundtable discussion held at Swinburne last week.

Disability sector risks losing volunteers over NDIS uncertainty, groups warn

Volunteering groups are warning the disability sector could lose thousands of volunteers due to funding uncertainty under the national disability insurance scheme. Volunteers play a critical role in the disability sector but there is already a significant shortage of those willing to help.  Volunteers are wrongly assuming the NDIS is all-encompassing, and that their help is no longer needed in the sector.

Australians Urged To Volunteer in the Disability Sector

To help meet the surging demand for disability workers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a new campaign has been launched to get more Australians volunteering in the disability sector.