Survey for Professionals Working with Young People and NDIS

Closing date: March 13, 2020

Are you a professional who works with disabled young people, aged 12 to 25, who are eligible to receive NDIS supports? This survey is to find out what questions you need answered and what information would help to make sure that young people get access to the supports they need. 

Making the Disability Royal Commission accessible for witnesses

As it turns its attention to examining the Australian health system, the Disability Royal Commission is adapting to the needs of the people who are at the centre of this inquiry, people with disabilities. Over the next two weeks it’ll hear evidence from people with intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries and autism. But being in a hearing room can be a confronting experience. So to help them, the Royal Commission has held a session to explain what they might encounter.

Former investigator flags NDIS fraud woes

Mr Higgins, who had previously worked with the Australian Federal Police for 27 years, says there are only about 15 people all up, trying to deal with fraud in the scheme. “It’s simply too much fraud for too few people,” Mr Higgins told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday.

PWDA’s call to break down employment barriers

People With Disability Australia (PWDA) have announced a new $100 million proposal to tear down barriers for those with a disability trying to get a job. The proposal has been made to the Australian Government as a part of a Federal Pre-Budget submission and was released today and contains three recommendations.  

Disability Royal Commission resumes hearings in Sydney

The Disability Royal Commission resumes hearings in Sydney this morning focusing on the healthcare provided to people with Intellectual Disabilities. It’ll investigate why the group is twice as likely to suffer preventable death with Commission chair Ronald Sackville warning the inquiry will hear disturbing evidence.

The second NDIS shock absorber: The disability workforce

The NDIS has fundamentally changed the nature of work in this sector, and the reality is that the current funding model is failing to attract and retain a qualified, motivated and suitably compensated workforce, writes Fran Connelley.

Our Turn to Speak

SANE Australia’s Anne Deveson Research Centre, in partnership with the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne, is conducting the national Our Turn to Speak survey to understand the life experiences of people aged 18+ living with severe and complex mental health issues.