Open Innovation Competition on Accessibility

Closing date: April 1, 2018

With almost one in five Australians experiencing some form of disability, a large proportion of our community face challenges to actively participate in city life. This open innovation competition  aims to make cities more accessible for people with a disability. The competition will run for six weeks, and submissions from innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and the community are being sought.

All Abilities Inclusion Consultation

Closing date: March 9, 2018

This consultation process is to gather information from our community on how we can best support community inclusion for people with disabilities. The consultation aims to reach people with disabilities and their families, service providers, businesses and interested community members. This process will help us to shape and focus Council activity towards a strengthened role in planning, advocacy and leadership in disability support across the municipality.

Behind Bars Part 4: Australia’s shocking cruelty to Aboriginal people with disabilities: overcrowding, no medical treatment, no accessibility

The result of this underfunding is major overcrowding. It is lack of accessibility for the diverse and sometimes complex needs of people with disabilities. It is the lack of medical services for people who need medical care. And it is staff who are under-trained, who are expected to control the inmates in overflowing prisons, rather than treating them humanely. Able-bodied and healthy prisoners may be able to cope with prison guards being inconsiderate, abusive, and worse. For people with disabilities, the results can range from humiliating, to dangerous.