Uber is now offering subsidised MPTP trips across Victoria

Victorians with disability and accessibility needs now have more subsidised transport options, with rideshare service Uber being approved to offer subsidised trips through the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP). The MPTP subsidy covers 50 per cent of the cost of eligible participants’ trips, up to $60. The subsidy is automatically applied to the upfront price shown to the MPTP member before they request a trip through the Uber app. 

Disability Scholarship Program: Now open

Closing date: March 12, 2021

This initiative aims to support employment pathways for people with disability across all areas of justice. Annual scholarships are awarded to Victorian students with disability studying at the diploma, advanced diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate level. Scholarships are offered in the areas of law, criminology, paralegal work, psychology, social work and other justice-related fields.

Seeking two new Peer Workers

Closing date: February 16, 2021

Reinforce is a self advocacy group run by, and for people with intellectual disability to learn how to speak up for themselves. There are 2 paid jobs available to work 5 hours a week. If you have an intellectual disability and you are a good listener who cares about people with disability then this is … Continued

Journalist/Communication Specialist Wanted

Closing date: January 30, 2021

The selected person will work under the direction of the ASID Journal Committee, reporting directly to the Committee Chair.   The brief is to prepare plain language materials, for dissemination to targeted audiences, of selected ASID journals’ published research findings. The materials will help to inform practice, policy or social change to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. The work will be completed over 30 hours @ A$100 per hour, from February to July 2021.

Silenced: The Hidden History of Disabled Britain explores the roots of ableism

If asking nicely has no effect, there’s always behaving badly to fall back on. Alia Hassan and Baroness Campbell gleefully discuss the protests against a 1990s charity telethon which disabled people saw as patronising. It led to the pledge: “Nothing about us, without us” and the less elegant slogan “Piss on pity”. As the disabled are among the hardest hit by austerity measures, the fight for their rights, they warn, isn’t over yet. 

People with disability wanted for a focus group on futuristic vehicles

Closing date: February 8, 2021

Do you have an interest in the next generation of personal and public transport vehicles? Do you have ideas about what needs to be done to make sure it works well for all people with disability?

People with disability can apply to join a paid, short-term focus group on “Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies” (things like driverless cars, for example) to explore the following questions, challenges and opportunities…

Disability workers invited to participate in market research 

Feedback from disability service providers, disability workers, people with disability and others is needed to identify the communications, resources and information needs of sector audiences when engaging with and registering under the Victorian Disability Worker Regulation Scheme. As part of this work, in-depth interviews will take place with disability workers in January and February 2021.

Specialist disability accommodation – Pipeline of supply

People with high or complex disability support needs have traditionally had extremely limited options when it comes to finding somewhere to live. The growing specialist disability accommodation market is beginning to change that.

3 things we can do now to help people with disability prepare for disaster

Disaster planning for people with disability matters. We perpetuate inequality with every step we don’t take, and risk entrenching disadvantage. And if you make things inclusive for people with disability, you tend to make it inclusive for large swathes of groups also at risk in emergencies, including older people, socially disconnected people and others. Many birds, one stone.

We deserve to tell the stories of our unique lived experience

Following community outrage at the decision to portray disability in this way, the studio has offered the standard empty “sorry to those who were offended”. But the damage is done. Movie-going children in their millions, whose world views are being actively shaped, will now associate limb difference with being scary and dangerous. They’ve learned a powerful, early lesson that disability is gross and scary.

Director NDIS and Mental Health – Call for expression of interest

A Director of the NDIS and Mental Health Division of The Sensible Centre is being sought to lead the development of a political movement of people with disabilities and mental illnesses and our families, positioned in the Sensible Centre of Australian life. Until we have an independent representative political voice of people with disabilities and mental illnesses and our families, service systems will remain provider-centred instead of genuinely person- and family-centred. The NDIS and Mental Health Division of The Sensible Centre has one goal – to involve tens of thousands of people across our continent in creating a political movement capable of getting a bloc of MPs in parliaments who will advance the inclusion and self-determination of people with disabilities and mental illnesses and our families.

What I’ve learned as a disabled person from the Covid-19 pandemic

I have lived over 50 years with my lifelong disabilities. I thought my understanding of disability was fully formed and realistic. But I think that in the long run, what I will remember most vividly from this pandemic is the lessons I am learning about disabled people and their true place in American society.

NDIS – Client Care Plans, the Appeal Process and Time Limits – Part Two

In considering any care plan for a participant careful attention should be given to the relevant categories of supports. In short those support categories include core supports, capacity building and capital supports. Having a good understanding of the funding structure and the way in which these support areas can be utilised is extremely important when preparing plans in order to minimise the risk that it might be reviewed.