Have your say on the NDIS Independent Review

Many of you have shared your experiences in the NDIS already as part of the independent review process.  The ‘What we have heard’ report outlines the feedback received so far.  It identifies 5 challenging and important issues that the Review Committee need your help with to find solutions for.  Questions have been included for each area and you are invited to answer the questions which are most important to you.

You can have your say in a number of ways including;

  • Send your views in writing, in a video or by audio
  • Fill in a set of questions online
  • Speak to the Review Panel on the telephone

The final report to the Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting is due by October 2023. The report will make findings and recommendations for reforms, as well as set out a plan for implementation of any reforms recommended.

Make a submission (off-site)Terms of reference (off-site)

Date published:
Mon 19th Dec, 2022

Closing date:
Fri 25th Aug, 2023