Submissions & Consultations

National Housing and Homelessness Plan

The Australian Government is making a National Housing and Homelessness Plan. Inclusion Australia wrote a submission talking about barriers to safe, affordable and inclusive housing for people with an intellectual disability.

Consumer Affairs Victoria’s Funded Services Program Reviews

Consumer Affairs Victoria has commenced reviews of its Funded Services programs, including financial counselling and renter services, and the Domestic Building Legal Service. Public engagement will commence shortly and there will be multiple opportunities for stakeholders to contribute to this work to inform how programs can evolve to meet future needs and challenges. Information about … Continued

Enhancing the ART Bill: Recommendations for a More Equitable Tribunal

The Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) is set to replace the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), offering an opportunity to improve administrative review processes. However, several crucial aspects need refinement to ensure fairness and accessibility, particularly for individuals navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In response, DANA has put forward key recommendations to modify the bill … Continued

The Australian Government response to the Disability Royal Commission

Inclusion Australia have made a submission to the Department of Social Services (DSS) about the Government’s response to the Disability Royal Commission. In their submission, they talked about what the Government must do to support the rights of people with an intellectual disability.

Golden Plains Shire Disability Action Plan – Have Your Say

Council invites Golden Plains Shire community members to share their thoughts and have their say on the updated Disability Action Plan 2025-2029 (the Plan). Designed as a blueprint for fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for living, working, and recreation, the Plan outlines key actions aimed at breaking down barriers faced by people with … Continued

Give your feedback on the draft National Autism Strategy

The Government want your feedback on the draft National Autism Strategy. This is a draft Strategy which has not yet been agreed by Government. Following feedback through the public consultation process the draft Strategy will be further refined and it is expected the final Strategy will be presented to Government by the end of 2024. … Continued

Joint Media Statement: Co-design and foundations essential to get NDIS right

A group of National Disability Representative Organisations (DROs) believe the changes announced in Federal Parliament to amend the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, can only work if people with disability and our families, supporters, communities and organisations are front and centre in their design, with the appropriate foundations in place.