Submissions & Consultations

Participant First: Help shape the NDIS

The Participant First Initiative Is an opportunity for NDIS participants, their nominees, their carers or people with disability who are not NDIS participants to help shape and reform the NDIS. The NDIA want to hear from you about the best ways to improve their approach and to Help improve their policies, services, templates and more.

2022 Review of the Transport Standards

Closing date: June 30, 2023

The Transport Standards provide requirements for public transport operators and providers to make their services accessible and remove discrimination for people with disability.  A discussion paper is available and includes guiding questions to help you provide input and prompt your views and experiences on different areas of the Transport Standards. A short online survey is now available to have your say as part of the review.  It will take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the survey, depending on the length of your written responses. The survey will be open until 7 April 2023.

Have your say on the NDIS Independent Review

Many of you have already shared your experiences and ideas with other reviews.  The Independent Review Panel has prepared a paper that covers the background to the NDIS, and a summary of past reviews, so  you won’t have to repeat what you have already said.  You are encouraged to read the ‘Our Approach’ paper before preparing a submission to ensure that your conversation focusses on how the NDIS is working now. The final report to the Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting is due by October 2023.

Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework

Closing date: July 21, 2023

“This is a timely inquiry as the Australian Human Rights Framework has not been the subject of any significant review since it was first announced in 2010.  In an increasingly digital environment, it is important to look at emerging issues such as the right to privacy and government’s role in protecting people’s data.  This inquiry will help ensure the Federal Parliament continues to uphold the human rights of all Australians and Australia’s international human rights obligations.”