Disability and Wellbeing Monitoring Framework: Baseline indicator data for Australians aged 18-64 years

Measuring inequality is essential for identifying the barriers faced by people with disability in exercising their human rights. Evidence of disability-related inequalities can inform action to remove barriers and reduce inequalities. This report presents the first national data using the Disability and Wellbeing Monitoring Framework and Indicators, which was developed by the CRE-DH in consultation with people with disability and disability advocates.

Bill Shorten says accused National Disability Insurance Scheme fraudsters are ‘despicable’

News Corp newspapers report that fraudsters are ripping off the scheme by as much as $1.45 billion a year, a program that is already seeing costs ballooning. “I think there is very few things more despicable in life than crooks taking money which is due to go to disabled people,” Mr Shorten, who is the NDIS minister, told ABC’s Insiders program.

Scheme Sustainability: Beyond the cost

If you work in the NDIS sector and happen not to live under a rock, chances are you’ve encountered some chatter about Scheme sustainability. With the change in government, the sustainability question might lose some prominence, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we think it’s going to disappear altogether.

$100 million to uphold the rights of people with disability

The Morrison Government will invest $100 million over three years to ensure people with disability continue to have access to advocacy and legal support.  From 1 July 2022, more than $73 million in grants will enable 59 organisations across Australia to deliver the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP).  Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said the program provided people with disability access to advocacy services to promote their interests and protect their welfare.

Review of NDIA actuarial forecast model and drivers of Scheme costs

At their August 2021 meeting, Disability Ministers directed work be undertaken to understand cost drivers and underpinning assumptions in the Scheme Actuary’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Annual Financial Sustainability Report (AFSR), with a report back to Ministers on findings in December 2021. Independent actuarial firm, Taylor Fry, was commissioned to do this work.

Scheme Sustainability – Something doesn’t add up

For a Scheme that was introduced to give effect to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, there’s very little discussion in the sustainability space about the value attached to human rights. How much value do disabled people attach to accessing bathrooms, buildings and workplaces? Where’s the modelling on sustainability based on what disabled people value?

NDIS delivers $52bn benefit to economy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is estimated to leave the economy $52 billion better off, delivering $2.25 for every dollar spent. An analysis commissioned by National Disability Services lays out the costs of underfunding the scheme, showing about 10,200 jobs are lost for every $1 billion of underspending.

New survey reveals disability stereotypes persist among Australians

Sutherland said normalising disability and seeing more people with disability participating in society was vital to changing people’s attitudes and getting rid of stereotypes.  People with disability often face difficulties in the mainstream workforce, and Sutherland noted this was an area where Australia needs to make inroads. 

Census 2021 breaks ground on accessibility

The 2021 Census has been hailed as a giant leap for digital accessibility in Australia, following years of design work and testing by experts and advocates, who say the online form sets a new standard for government content and has improved data quality.

Call for disability status of pregnant women to be recorded to improve the standard of care

Mrs Bonanno is among an estimated 9 per cent of Australian women of childbearing age who have a disability, but little is known about their health during pregnancy, birth and the first year of motherhood. Researchers from La Trobe University and the Royal Women’s want to change that by improving the way disabilities are identified at maternity hospitals.

Annual Financial Sustainability Report Summary

Closing date: June 30, 2022

The report provides an assessment of the financial sustainability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This interim report also includes analyses and discussion on recent Scheme experience, best estimate projections of future participant numbers and costs (based on emerging experience and future expectations), and strategies to address risks to sustainability.

Disability Research Collection

Research reports contained in the collection were produced between 2012 and 2021 with the aim of sharing evidence and knowledge on a range of topics to help advance the rights of people with disability. Designed to improve policies and practices, this Collection is for people with disability, their family, caregivers, allies or supporters, disabled people’s organisations, policymakers, researchers, advocacy organisations, service providers and practitioners.