NDIS releases detail on changes to planning

On Thursday, June 3, the NDIA released a technical paper on Personalised Budgets, the Agency’s new term for NDIS plans, which have a whole new planning process behind them. The term has been dropped into NDIA communications since late last year, but there has been a notable lack of information about what Personalised Budgets are and how they might inform a plan.

Keeping people connected and included as we recover

A boost of $1.7 million for disability advocacy will strengthen its vital role and provide support to Victorians navigating the NDIS, and $1.4 million will improve communications with Victorians with disability before, during and after an emergency or natural disaster.

Survey highlights overwhelming opposition to independent assessments

Researchers say independent assessments will not address any of the inequities plaguing the NDIS. Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) surveyed 270 people in January/February to understand their experiences accessing the NDIS and their thoughts on the proposed reforms.

Health industry expects “inevitable” NDIS cost-cutting measures

As a result, Wardlaw said some type of cost-cutting and cost-controlling measures is inevitable.  “I welcome the idea, from a glance, that there has been some investment into some mainstream services like mental health and so forth. But I want those organisations to lift their game about being better service providers.”

Budget2021 ‘not a budget for people with disability’

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) has welcomed $13.2 billion of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme but has dubbed the latest Federal Budget “not a budget for people with disability.”

Advocates slam government’s claims of an NDIS cost blowout

Disability groups have welcomed a $13.2 billion boost to the National Disability Insurance Scheme outlined in the federal budget, but say they are disappointed by the Morrison government’s messaging around a supposed blowout in scheme costs.

PM warns about escalating costs of National Disability Insurance Scheme

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the sustainability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is at stake unless its costs are curbed. In a speech last week ahead of the federal Budget announcement today, he said that the costs of the NDIS are increasing more than was ever expected by those who first framed it.

What People with Disability Want from Federal Budget

The disabled people’s organisation is calling for a raft of measures to be urgently funded and implemented to meet Australia’s responsibilities under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

More Support For Victorians With Disability

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke Donnellan today awarded more than $1.6 million for advocacy funding, to help Victorians with disability and their families continue to access timely and targeted advocacy support when they need it.

Disabled young people living on poverty-level benefits rises 300% in Australia

Mary Sayers, the Cyda chief executive, said the figures had “exploded” for a number of reasons, including that governments had tightened access to the disability support pension, which is paid at a higher rate. “The other is the absolute entrenched disadvantage that young people face in the labour market,” she said. “So we’ve got a whole range of these really intractable problems that need attention.

National Disability Data Asset

Data provides useful information for designing supports and services that meet the situations, needs and goals of people with disability. However datasets are largely disconnected. The National Disability Data Asset (NDDA) is a pilot that aims to link datasets across government departments and jurisdictions to  improve data quality and comparability, creating a wide range of new insights through analysis. The NDDA maintains highest standards to ensure data integrity and privacy through the process. 

Vow to end ‘ugly lottery’ with $1.6b school disability reform

Education Minister James Merlino has pledged to tackle “school gatekeeping” – where students with disabilities are steered away from a particular school – describing it as an “ugly lottery” for parents. Mr Merlino said the Victorian government’s $1.6 billion changes to student disability funding – which was announced in the 2020 state budget and will be rolled out in 340 schools this year – would ensure every school was “truly inclusive” for students with disabilities.

The answers we’ve been waiting for

Many of you will remember that last year’s Senate Estimates were as messy as hell. The most frustrating thing, by far, was the number of really juicy questions that were taken on notice. In the last Estimates hearing, the NDIA took no less than 88 questions on notice. And guess what? The answers are back! While many of the answers are so useless they are pretty much the bureaucratic version of giving someone the finger, there are nuggets of gold among the many pages of boredom. Here’s what we learned…