Women with Disabilities Victoria – Employment Opportunities

Closing date: September 24, 2023

Are you passionate about advancing the rights of women with disabilities? Women with Disabilities Victoria is a vibrant organisation of women with disabilities working for women with disabilities in Victoria. They currently have two vacancies – Gender and Disability Training Coordinator and Gender and Disability Program Support Officer. Any enquiries regarding the role please contact … Continued

Supporting Women With Disabilities Into Secure Work

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting women with disabilities to secure work in the health, social and disability service sectors, recognising the wealth of lived experience women with disabilities can bring to these industries.

Disability Pride Starts Here

This project features content and resources about disability pride created by disabled young people.  It aims to encourage all Victorians to see disability as a strength. Shifting the community perception of disability is an essential part of helping to remove the barriers disabled young people face across all aspects of their lives. There are resources for employers, organisations, the wider community and disabled young people. Around 30 disabled young people in Victoria participated as part of the Project Advisory Group.  The Gallery is an opportunity to meet the content creators and check out their amazing art, videos, poems, written pieces and more.

Disability job providers put on notice

The Australian government’s new system for judging the quality of disabled employment providers will use independent observers to monitor the performance of the programs.

6 Things Disabled People Can Do To Prepare For Disability Discrimination

Curbing disability discrimination in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. And it’s unfair, though all too common, to place all of the burden on people with disabilities to absorb, defuse, or fight disability discrimination themselves. But what can people with disabilities do to prepare themselves for possible – and unfortunately probable – workplace discrimination?

Budget offers employment hope for people with an intellectual disability and families but concerns remain over NDIS budget targets

There was good news from the Australian Government budget this week with the announcement of funding for a range of measures on supported employment. Supported employment for people with disability is typically provided in Australian Disability Enterprises, also known as sheltered workshops. Providers can legally pay employees as little as $2.75 per hour under the … Continued

We need more tea ladies

It is assumed that by building a greater concentration of disability at the entry level, that over time disabled workers will drift upwards into positions of leadership and decision making. Over several decades this approach hasn’t worked, yet it remains the primary method used to achieve disability equality.

Disabled workers face systemic barriers at work: report

An Australian-first research project has found that disabled people working in the Australian screen industry regularly face prejudice and discrimination.  Alarmingly, 77 per cent of disabled respondents reported negative impacts on their work in the screen industry, and 58 per cent of disabled workers in the screen industry earn less than $800 per week.