New Disability Employment Support Model – Consultation report

The current Disability Employment Services (DES) programs end in June 2023. The consultation report summarises public feedback gathered via a submission process that closed in February 2021. The consultation asked for ideas on how to boost jobs outcomes for disabled people. Key issues identified were reducing jobs barriers, allowing better access to jobs services, and providing more holistic, wrap-around services and complementary supports. People with disability also needed clearer information on supports available to them as well as greater flexibility in program and service delivery.

Govt releases key disability jobs report

Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth has released a long-awaited report on reforming Australia’s Disability Employment Services system in a bid to boost jobs outcomes for disabled people.

Pay to get paid: NDIS workers raise concerns about gig economy platforms

Murdoch argues if any other business told workers they “had to pay 1.5% to access their pay this week, people would be kicking up a bit of a stink about that”. “I’ve earned that money, I’ve worked hard for it – yet I’m having to pay a fee to access it in a timely manner.”

Women with disabilities ‘underestimated’ as battle for equality in science careers heats up

In 2022, people with disabilities made up just 6.3 per cent of university enrolments in Australia, and only 1.2 per cent had a profound disability. Of those, only a handful studied science. Geologist and lecturer Melanie Finch believes the lack of inclusion in geoscience is an attitude problem rather than a lack of opportunities for disabled academics.

Time for action on disability employment

Over the past 20 years, people with disability could have wallpapered our houses with the many plans and strategies we were promised would close the employment gap between us and our non-disabled colleagues – but in reality, very little has changed. 

NDIA needs to better support workers

The CPSU has been contacted by many NDIA employees with disability, who have experienced a lack of support and reasonable adjustment from the agency to allow them to perform their work.

Disabled youth disgruntled by current employment pathways

Young people with a disability are among the most disadvantaged when it comes to securing work. The political parties vying for election are being asked to commit to improve the employment system for them.

Guide for understanding employment supports

There are lots of different supports for people with disability who want to work. This guide can help you understand which supports you could use to help you pursue your work goals.  The Guide has been created to help participants, their families and carers think about what supports might best suit their individual needs in … Continued

Victoria invests $2.1 million to boost job opportunities for people with disability

The Victoria government is investing $2.1 million to the Inclusion Foundation’s Impact21 programme in a bid to provide more employment opportunities for citizens with disability. “Reducing the barriers to gaining employment for people with disability benefits everyone and that’s why we’re backing this important programme,” said Disability Minister Anthony Carbines in a statement.

Coles looking to hire more Australians living with disability

The work GSA is doing on the RecruitAble pilot, alongside Australian recruitment company Randstad, will see it continuing to work with Coles on building its disability confidence as well as helping the business identify key areas for increasing accessible and inclusive hiring.