DARU Update

Will history repeat itself?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was initially conceived as a human rights-based initiative to improve the lives of Australians with disabilities. However, it has increasingly come under scrutiny for operational shortcomings that echo the failures of the “cruel, crude and illegal“ Robodebt scheme. Several well-known and experienced disability advocates, along with peak disability advocacy … Continued

VIDEO: Careless: How the NDIS fails to protect our most vulnerable

This week’s Four Corners exposes criminals, opportunists and registered providers who have been busted exploiting loopholes to overcharge and defraud the NDIS. The revelations come following a three-month crowdsourced investigation which resulted in submissions from hundreds of NDIS participants, families and workers.

Sidelined too long: Calls to modernise the Disability Discrimination Act

More than four million Australians live with a disability. Their rights are protected by a variety of laws, some international – like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD) – and some national, like the Disability Discrimination Act (Cth) (DDA). But despite the existence of these laws, people with disability … Continued

Perth low-sensory nightclubbing experience a hit for people with a disability

Consider a packed, dimly lit nightclub full of loud raucous conversations and music. It can cause sensory overload for neurodiverse people, prompting them to wonder if they should have stayed home because they find it incredibly difficult to acclimatise to an unaccommodating reality. It is far more difficult to meet new people and form friendships … Continued

Without change, the trauma of the disability royal commission will have all been for nothing

For four-and-a-half years, the disability community has bared its soul. The country has learned how we’ve been sexually abused, physically attacked in our homes or in public, had our children removed, and discriminated against in every aspect of our lives. In some cases, our mothers were told by medical professionals not to have us in the first place.

Joshua’s life in full swing after speaking up

Rockhampton teenager Joshua didn’t use spoken language until he was 5, now he’s singing at school events, volunteering at a tennis club and has his manual learner’s licence. But the 17-year-old’s biggest achievement is being able to recognise when he is being bullied and confidently being able to speak up and seek support.

National Disability Asset webinar

Inclusion Australia CEO, Catherine McAlpine, spoke at the National Disability Asset webinar. The Asset aims to better understand specific needs and goals of people with disability – to give a more complete picture of their lives. For more info, watch the highlights video

How disabled scam victims are turning the tide on scammers

Scams to people with a disability have risen by over 58 per cent in 2 years, according to data from Scamwatch. Now a TAC-funded program, co-designed by people with brain injuries, is seeking to provide safety training and psychological interventions for those at risk. CyberAbility project lead Dr Kare Gould told Trevor Chappell about the free … Continued