Out of Nowhere: a New NDIS Access Request Form

Nice try, NDIA.  Just when you thought we were distracted, you slipped a new NDIS Access Request Form (ARF) onto the NDaIS website. However, it’s hard to go unnoticed when you’re 28 pages and very purple. 

Updated NDIS Operational Guidelines

Operational Guidelines are based on the NDIS Legislation and Rules. They explain what is considered, and how decisions are made based on the legislation. The new guidelines are written in plain English to make it clearer and easier to understand NDIS processes in a more logical way. The new sets of guidelines include ‘How NDIS supports work’, ‘Supports you can access’ and ‘Your plan’.

Advocacy Sector Conversations Forum – June 2021

This forum series provides an opportunity for advocates to gain access to in depth expert knowledge on topical issues which directly impact on the practice of disability advocacy. Thursday 3 June 2021 | 11am – 12pm Disability and Disaster Resilience Issues Paper Associate Professor Michelle Villeneuve from the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at … Continued

Building Ministers Communique

The Building Ministers agreed to mandate the Livable Housing Design Silver Level as a standard for all new housing in the National Construction Code. The Gold Standard will also be included in the NCC as a ‘technical referral’ meaning states and territories can decide to upgrade to Gold voluntarily. Whilst there is still work to do to secure a mandatory Gold Standard, this is a big win for people with disability, seniors and indeed all Australians.

Fears are justified, says PWDA President

I spoke not in my capacity as President of People with Disability Australia, nor as a board member on any of the other boards that I sit on. I spoke as a disabled woman and a carer who, like many of us, has spent a lifetime battling disability and mainstream services and systems.

Turbulence ahead for NDIS amid proposed changes

The latest documents, released under freedom of information laws, show that NDIA officials inserted an entire chapter into the latest review of the scheme legislation. That chapter recommended the introduction of independent assessments for everyone who is a part of the scheme, a change likely to take place by the end of the year.

Call out for disabled young content creators

This opportunity is for young Victorian writers, artists, and other creatives , aged 12 to 25 years old, to make content for disabled young people. Your content should relate to COVID-19 or disability in some way.   This is a paid opportunity.

Quality and Safeguards: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There is no doubt about it: the NDIS quality and safeguarding system is a complicated beast. Many newly transitioned providers are scratching their heads about what all this means in practice. If you aren’t sure whether you are across the fundamentals, here’s some questions to help…

Adaptable housing for people with disability in Australia: a scoping study (2021)

In Australia, 4.4 million people live with disability, and 96% of people with disability live in private homes. Many existing homes are inaccessible and finding appropriate housing remains a challenge for many Australians with disability. Improving housing accessibility can and should be achieved in two ways: by ensuring that new homes are constructed to meet minimum accessibility requirements; and by modification or adaptation of existing homes, which is the focus of this report.

‘End big four consultancy cronyism’ in the NDIS: Bill Shorten

Addressing the National Press Club, Mr Shorten blamed “big consultancy cronyism and a stultifying staffing cap” for poor service delivery in the NDIS, accusing the Coalition of putting compliance measures ahead of improving the lives of Australians with a disability.