Victoria Strachan

Victoria Strachan

Photo of Victoria Strachan, Diversity Field Officer Coordinator, Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

Diversity Field Officer Coordinator, Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

Victoria Strachan has a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce from University of Melbourne and worked in the stockbroking, banking and finance sectors early in her career. For twenty years she has worked in small business running a successful small business in the legal industry as well as consulted to the health, hospitality, IT and arts sectors. Victoria has 25 years of experience within community organisations with board experience in a regional health service, local government committees and arts organisations.

Victoria is a Geelong local and has worked with the Diversity Field Officer Service since pilot in September 2015. In its third year, the service has successfully worked with 60 businesses to improve disability confidence in the workplace. Victoria is now co-ordinating a two year State Government funded project “Improving the Accessibility of Greater Geelong and The Bellarine” which is an initiative developed by AFDO Diversity Field Officer Service in conjunction with Deakin University. Victoria has a strong interest in building an equitable and inclusive society within the Geelong region and is particularly keen to use her business experience to help change the mindset of workplaces to become more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities.


Empowered Lives: A Platform demanding Change for Victorians with a Disability

Friday 14th September, 2018: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Victorian Council of Social Services, as a part of its Collaborative Systemic Disability Advocacy Project, brought together all the Disability Advocacy organisations in Victoria to discuss what their top ten asks for the Victorian Government to consider in the fast approaching November election- here is what is needed to make a change.