Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2023
Other lifeboats in the ocean

Mon 4 Sept 2023 | 10am - 4:30pm

Ryan Sheales

Photo of Ryan Sheales, Director Communications, VCOSS

Director Communications, VCOSS

Ryan Sheales is the Director of Communications at the Victorian Council of Social Service. He specialises in messaging, advocacy, digital engagement and media. He manages the public release and promotion of flagship VCOSS publications including the annual Victorian Budget submission and the quadrennial VCOSS Election Platform, as well periodic issues papers and reports. He loves finding new and interesting ways to spark meaningful discussions about the big issues. In a past life, Ryan was a radio and TV reporter at ABC News, a field producer on Network Ten’s The Project, and the President of the Victorian Parliamentary Press Gallery. He’d love to talk with you about politics, movies, the death of Twitter and why Taylor Swift is the songwriter of her generation.


Shiver me timbers! Advocacy and inclusion

Monday 4th September, 2023: 10:15am - 11:10am

The systems juggernaut has been in dry docks for some time while inspection and investigation has been underway.  Unfortunately, too many rotting and split timbers were found, rendering her unseaworthy.  What repairs can be done to get her full steam ahead again?