Canary in the coal mine? The value of disability advocacy

The role of disability advocates is a vital part of protecting the rights of people with disability, giving them a voice, and helping them to self-advocate. They are also the “canary in the coal mine” – as frontline workers advocates have insight and knowledge of when abuse and injustice is taking place, and are able to inform government and the community to lead systemic change.

With the release of the Disability Royal Commission report, the NDIS review coming out soon, and stories of abuse and neglect prevalent in the media, it is clear disability advocacy is as important as ever. We asked disability advocates at DARU’s Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference what they thought the value of advocacy is and what it gives to the state of Victoria.

Check out the responses in the videos below from:

  • Sam Drummond, Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
  • Rachael Thompson, Rights Information & Advocacy Centre
  • Kim Collinson, Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation
  • James Greenfield, Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation
  • David Petherick, Barwon Disability Resource Council
  • Katherine Marshall, Inclusive Rainbow Voices