What is disability advocacy?

Disability advocacy is often misunderstood and under valued.  this brochure aims to enhance understanding of how advocacy fits in with a human rights framework and provides an overview of the skills required for disability advocacy practice.



DARU Dis Adv info sheet_P5-1Printing Instructions

This is a 4 page brochure. For best effect, print the download below on A3 size, folded in booklet format in full auto colour.  For professionally printed copies, contact DARU to arrange delivery.

What is disability advocacy_final June 2016


Further reading

Other DARU publications that may be of interest include:

  • Disability Advocacy: Code of Conduct which provides a framework that promotes responsible and effective advocacy practice.
  • Disability advocacy by the numbers, an annual report including case studies, presenting the aggregated quarterly data collection reports provided to the Victorian government by funded disability advocacy organisations