Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN)

The Cerebral Palsy Support Network (CPSN) is an organisation run by people who have a personal experience with cerebral palsy. It has been set up specifically to provide information, support and resources to children and adults with cerebral palsy about the issues and experiences that impact on their lives. We focus solely on cerebral palsy support and secondly we address the needs of our clients by providing an individualized service. Helping to empower people with cerebral palsy to make their own choices and live the life they want to.

Strengthening through connection

For a referral complete and submit our online referral form. Office hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Type of Advocacy:
Self Advocacy & Campaign Groups

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517 High Street
Preston Vic 3072

(03) 9478 1001 or 1300 277 600