How do I prepare a complaint?

The complaint must be in writing and include supporting documentation. Here are some tips:

  • It does not need to be very long. Include important dates, write what happened and what people said.
  • If you cannot do this alone, ask for help from a disability advocate, family member or friend. You can tell your story and another person can write it down for you.
  • Collect copies of important letters, emails or any paperwork related to your claim of discrimination.
  • Make sure all names and addresses are correct.
  • Speak with a disability discrimination advocate or lawyer.
  • Keep a copy of your complaint and supporting documents.
  • Get in touch with the people who may be able to support your complaint, for example a doctor who wrote a report.

You can submit your complaint by email, send it by post, or fax. For a guide, see sample complaints in Part 4.