The answer is disability leadership – article

In late 2022, the federal government convened a forum to discuss the National Disability Strategy. The final panel examined the issue of “attitudes” – a regular topic of conversation amongst those wanting to see improvements in disability equality.

An unusual feature of this final panel was that the topic of disability leadership came to the fore. Leadership rarely gets mentioned as a way of shifting attitudes towards disabled people, and is mentioned only once in the national strategy, in passing, on page 33.

Disability leadership remains a vague and ephemeral concept to many in positions of leadership and decision making. Many refer to it as something they support, but it becomes clear that very few are doing anything to make it reality. At the national strategy forum disability minister after disability minister talked about how important advances in disability equality were, yet none were disabled people and none have made clear how disability leadership will contribute to outcomes they are working towards.

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Disability Leadership Institute

Date published:
Wed 2nd Mar, 2022