The Advocacy Effect – 2022 AFDO Advocacy Conference

Held in Melbourne on 17 October, the program set out to “unpack and examine the impact and effect that advocacy has in a variety of areas” from large-scale policy to community-led projects.

Highlights from the conference included:

  • Minister Rishworth: “The experience of Australians with disabilities need to be heard by government, by policy makers, and service providers if we are going to get our systems and services right.”
  • Commissioner Gauntlett: “Disability Policy in Australia is fragmented. Data needs to inform decision making and a human rights model of disability must be a part of policy design.”

The livestream is still available so catch up now.


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Policy reform, Systemic Advocacy

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

Date published:
Mon 17th Oct, 2022