Survey: Accessibility and Video Conferencing Platforms

Travellers Aid are currently reviewing the overall accessibility of popular online video conferencing platforms. This is to gain a better understanding as to how accessible these platforms are for people living with different types of disabilities.

This survey will take less than 2 minutes and has 6 questions. There is no financial incentive offered to complete this survey, but your help is very much appreciated.

The results of the survey will allow for a better understanding of which platforms are preferred amongst people living with disability, what barriers exist, and how online meetings and communication can be more inclusive and accessible to everyone. The survey is completely anonymous and optional to complete.

For more information about this survey, contact Sneha Patel:
T: 03 9654 2600

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Date published:
Fri 26th Jun, 2020

Closing date:
Thu 9th Jul, 2020