Securing Their Future: Planning for the future when you care for a person with disability

This guide has been created to help you put in place some safeguards to ensure the person with disability you care for is properly provided for, if something were to happen to you. It outlines actions carers can take now to ensure safeguards are in place, should the time come when they are no longer able to care for the person with disability.

The guide has been updated to take into account changes to guardianship and administration legislation and includes information about:

  • applying for an administrator to make decisions about a financial matter, or matters, for the person
  • appointing an attorney under an enduring power of attorney so that decisions can be made for you if you cannot do this yourself
  • making a Will or organising your superannuation pension so your assets are passed on in the way you have chosen
  • planning your personal estate and superannuation so that your assets are passed on in the most financially efficient way.

This guide is not a do-it-yourself kit; you should get legal advice.

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Decision support & choices, Human Rights, Safeguards and workforce quality

Office of the Public Advocate

Date published:
Mon 21st Jun, 2021