Advocacy Response to Consultation on Proposed NDIS Reforms: Access and Independent Assessments

Signatories to this submission have agreed to the following recommendations:

  • Cease progress towards rollout of mandatory Independent Assessments until the Tune Review recommendations are relied upon in context, including extensive consultation with participants and the community
  •  Demonstrate a commitment to equity of access by providing funded assessments by the health professional of the Prospective Participant’s choice to applicants who request them, effective immediately
  • Review the many significant risks to the safety of participants under the proposed exemption arrangements, and ensure that those with least capacity to engage are not further disadvantaged
  • Make clear the mechanism by which an assessment by an allied health professional generates a funding figure, including the human intervention to this process to prevent dangerous outcomes
  • Make clear the mechanism by which environmental factors will be understood, recorded, and affect funding, and how a change in these factors will impact funding
  • Assure participants and prospective participants that their individual circumstances will be fully considered in the independent assessment process to ensure relevant information is not omitted.
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NDIS, Systemic Advocacy

NDIS Appeals Advocacy National Network

Date published:
Thu 4th Mar, 2021