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Policy: DARU Update


Purpose and audience:

DARU Update is a weekly e-bulletin distributed to over 600 subscribers who primarily practice disability advocacy or have an interest in the area.

Sections include:

  • Disability Advocacy in Action – information specifically relevant to independent advocates, such as forums or professional development opportunities.
  • In the News – topical articles of relevance and interest to disability advocates sourced from mainstream media.
  • New Resources Available – publications that support disability advocacy practice, such as government reports, training kits, journal articles.
  • Inquiries and Campaigns – relevant inquiries, consultations, surveys, research projects and other ways of getting involved.
  • Funding Opportunities – grants, bequests, awards and scholarships that fund people with disabilities and encourage social inclusion.
  • Upcoming Events – a clearinghouse of governance, training workshops and courses of interest to disability advocates and disability advocacy organisations
  • Paid and Unpaid Employment – positions vacant across the sector.

DARU Update is distributed on Mondays on a minimum of 40 weeks per year.



Editorial policy

Material included in the DARU Update does not necessarily reflect the policy of DARU or it’s staff. Statements in the Update do not comprise advice. DARU Update maintains a neutral position on political and policy matters. It does not endorse or reject any statements made by any contributors. All contributions must be appropriately referenced and should cite the author, date and source.

Items may not be included in DARU Update if they;

  • Slander or denigrate an organisation or individual
  • Perpetuate stereotypes of people with disabilities
  • Potentially lead to a person with a disability feeling threatened or compromised, or at risk of having services or equipment withdrawn
  • Negatively portray the abilities of people with disabilities



DARU Update employs best practice writing for the web by linked content as much as possible to maximise the information available to subscribers and seeks to keep entries short and relevant.



Contributions need to be received by close of business Thursday to be included in publication on the following Monday. Content is designated to the relevant Update section as outlined above.

PDF files need to be accompanied by a text based version of content to allow for easy editing.

Content can be submitted to DARU by emailing Events can be entered directly using the Submit Event Form’ on the Events Calendar page of the DARU website at



All content contained in the DARU Update is available on the DARU website at DARU Update production and distribution is done using Mail Chimp where the subscriber list is also stored.



  1. Weekly maintenance of the DARU Update subscribers list in Mailchimp by removing bounce backs received via Add new subscribers requesting to receive DARU Update..
  2. Collect content from sources including newspapers, contributions via, newsletter subscriptions, other resources.
  3. On Fridays upload content into Word Press (DARU website) where content is automatically transferred to an Update template.
  4. On Mondays distribute Update:
  • Create Mailchimp campaign and copy in content from Word Press Update template – 11am
  • Edit content in Mailchimp – 1pm
  • Coordinator sign off – 2pm
  • Distribute to subscribers – 3pm

Record of revisions

Policy approved: December 2013

No revisions recorded.


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Date published:
Thu 12th Dec, 2013