People with disability transitioning from prison and their pathways into homelessness

Given the high proportion of people with disability involved with the justice system and the vulnerability for homelessness created by being incarcerated, the objectives for this research were to review the evidence on:

  • the factors that contribute to homelessness post-release for people with disability
  • the effectiveness of interventions designed to prevent or reduce homelessness post-release for people with disability
  • the policies, strategies, initiatives, and programs of corrective services in each Australian jurisdiction that address the housing needs of people with disability leaving their facilities.

There is a critical need for improved visibility of people with disability within the criminal justice system and for greater transparency of outcomes in relation to programs designed to support their re-entry (including housing outcomes).  Many of the programs designed to support people leaving correctional facilities have a limited evidence base and focus on recidivism to the exclusion of other related factors, such as housing and access to services that support people with disability to live independently in the community.  Likewise, many supportive housing programs have not been evaluated for justice-involved people with disability.


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Housing, Justice

Translational Health Research Institute

Disability Royal Commission

Date published:
Mon 22nd May, 2023