Our Royal Commission: We need more time to tell our stories

The Disability Royal Commission has been asked to investigate the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with all kinds of disability in all settings within an Australian context (health, housing, education, group homes, employment, the criminal justice system, guardianship, family violence etc.

This is a truly enormous task, and it’s become apparent that three years is not enough time to give it the proper attention it deserves, particularly with delays caused by COVID-19.

The Hon. Ronald Sackville, Chair of the Disability Royal Commission, has requested a 17-month extension.

People withDisability Australia support this call, and we ask you to do the same by writing to the Attorney-General, Michaelia Cash. You can use our sample letter, or edit as you like.

People with disability experience violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation at highly disproportionate rates, and our voices must be heard.

Join the campaign - sample letter (off-site)
Disability Royal Commission

People with Disability Australia

Date published:
Mon 19th Apr, 2021

Closing date:
Wed 30th Jun, 2021